Seven days until the real deal happens. This years WRCS is shaping up to ge a good one.

This pre-ride demo featured wind, snow, and sun. Have to say the snow just might have been the most enjoyable part.

Suffercake: (v.) to suffocate. As in, 'that was a hard ride, I was really suffercaking out there.'


  1. Nice!

    The Butcher

  2. Hard times in the saddle for me that day!

  3. one of the better Chico-isms


  4. Sweet ride gentleman. This coming Sunday should be FUN!

  5. Just wondering if I could come out to the rides???????

  6. Went down the Greenway last night with six other crazies. Temps were around the 18 degree F. mark with the wind chill bring it down a couple more. This Sunday's first WRCS ride looks to be as cold.

    Although all of our hands, heads and core were warm, all of us were complaining about frozen feet within the first 15kms. Most of us had the standard neoprene winter bootie over clipless MTBing shoes with socks and this just won't work in these temperatures.

    A preliminary search on winter cycling revealed multilayer wool socks with a cotton liner works well. Clipless pedals transfer the cold into the shoe cavity, so try and get as many layers between your foot and sole. Many would use oversized clipless shoes to accomodate the layers.


  7. Other foot protection options:

    (1) Double bootie: shoe, neoprene booty, then a water/wind resistant booty. Works great.

    (2) Grocer bags:

    (A) Place the bag over the shoe and under the booty. SPD pedals will still easily clip in. Provides heat and water protection on wet days.

    (B) Wear the bag inside the shoe either between socks or over a sock. Foot will sweat and reach a point of 12% humidity and not sweat anymore, keeping the feet still very warm. Its science.

  8. Hans Sprungfeld12/31/09, 6:00 PM

    After years of experimentation my favourite set up is:

    -My regular road or MTB shoes
    -Regular weight cycing socks
    -Defeet Sliptream shoe covers
    -topped off with Garneau neoprean shoe covers

    Works like a charm & has kept my feet comfy for the last few winters!

    You're welcome.

  9. ... or if it's really cold, you can use the boot they make you wear when you break your ankle. Just duct tape it down to your pedal, ala "Breaking Away", and you're good to go!

  10. People seem worried about the cold. ... Perhaps they should think twice before coming out with the big boys.

  11. The temperature should be the least of people's worries. I'm be more concerned with breakfast and snacks for the ride and of course those awkward moments in a ride when your out of conversation topics with the person your riding next to. You can only talk about the weather so long and most of you have used that topic up on this blog. Suggested topics might include; latex sales in Europe, finding a good locksmith and why don't more people compost.