2010 WRCS No.10

When the first part of the ride is quick and relatively effortless, that should be of concern. It only means that when you turn around its gonna hurt.

Straying from tradition the group headed east along the drive, making a quick stop to congratulate the JLo family on the new addition, then only to be crushed by the wind on the open county roads. Safety in numbers was the key to getting some shelter as the slow grind back home tired the legs.

So the series is entering the final half and though no firm date has been set, there is still a double points ride to happen. Tentatively, it might occur at the end of February or the beginning of March. Or perhaps the middle of March, or the end of March. Essentially what it means is that if the double points ride happens on a day that you weren't there, then clearly the ride organizer waited to stick it to you - nothing personal.

Ride Time: 2:22
Riders: 16
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -7
Base Score: 32
Singlespeed Score: 42

Standings [10 of 18]

01____486____10____James K
02____456____10____Dan S
03____441____09____Pak H
04____438____09____Chris C
05____438____09____Russ V
06____413____08____Ian C
07____406____10____Len B
08____387____08____Kris P
09____386____10____Adam M
10____386____10____Manny G
11____365____07____Dave P
12____345____09____Darryl S
13____300____07____Rob L
14____259____06____Jeff C
15____241____06____John L
16____179____05____Kim R
17____149____04____Pete E
18____146____04____Mark T
19____141____03____Sue S
20____136____04____Ben A
21____121____03____Bob L
22____110____03____Sandy B
23____104____03____Tim O
24____103____02____Dante D
25____101____03____Nat J
26____101____03____Jim G
27_____82____02____George M
28_____80____02____Wayne L
29_____67____02____Scott J
30_____67____02____Tony C
31_____57____01____Pauwel D
32_____45____01____Dana H
33_____45____01____Geno W
34_____45____01____Spencer J
35_____41____01____Dylan L
36_____41____01____Rob P
37_____41____01____Trevor B
38_____38____01____Thomas F
39_____35____01____Dino M
40_____35____01____Geoff S
41_____35____01____Tom S
42_____28____01____Greg A
43_____28____01____Jay W
44_____28____01____Nick D
45_____28____01____Paul E
46_____28____01____Rob V


  1. Shouldn't I get some social points for this ride. I mean I did make an appearance. I'm planning a vicious come back in the WRCS point tally. Don't say I didn't warn you.

  2. Deduction for begging.

  3. Due to my schedule, I have been, with regret unable to participate in the 2010 edition of WRCS. Since I live in Guelph during the week I have established my own ride series.

    Departure: 380 Edinburgh Rd
    Departure time: 5:30 am Tues to Fri
    Ride time: 1.5 hr
    Riders: One
    Points: Undetermined
    Rule enforcer: Me
    Dealing with other riders: Nil