2010 WRCS No.11

Tough to believe that this was a February day. A large group gathered under ideal conditions and rolled out 75 km of the county's finest.

The man-made bumps over the Queens Highway were utilized to the fullest. At every chance the group took to the meager inclines and used them to test the legs. So a few days are needed to rest and prep (mentally) for this Fridays ride because the rumor is there is a belated birthday to celebrate.

Ride Time: 2:37
Riders: 28
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 3
Base Score: 22
Singlespeed Score: 32

Standings [11 of 18]

01____518____11____James K
02____488____11____Dan S
03____473____10____Pak H
04____470____10____Chris C
05____470____10____Russ V
06____445____09____Ian C
07____419____09____Kris P
08____408____11____Adam M
09____408____11____Manny G
10____406____10____Len B
11____387____08____Dave P
12____367____10____Darryl S
13____332____08____Rob L
14____291____07____Jeff C
15____263____07____John L
16____211____06____Kim R
17____171____05____Pete E
18____158____05____Ben A
19____146____04____Mark T
20____141____03____Sue S
21____121____03____Bob L
22____110____03____Sandy B
23____104____03____George M
24____104____03____Tim O
25____103____02____Dante D
26____102____03____Wayne L
27____101____03____Nat J
28____101____03____Jim G
29_____89____03____Tony C
30_____79____02____Pauwel D
31_____67____02____Scott J
32_____57____02____Dino M
33_____57____02____Tom S
34_____45____01____Dana H
35_____45____01____Geno W
36_____45____01____Spencer J
37_____41____01____Dylan L
38_____41____01____Rob P
39_____41____01____Trevor B
40_____38____01____Thomas F
41_____35____01____Geoff S
42_____28____01____Greg A
43_____28____01____Jay W
44_____28____01____Nick D
45_____28____01____Paul E
46_____28____01____Rob V
47_____22____01____Emily P
48_____22____01____Leon B
50_____22____01____Norbert P
51_____22____01____Saylo L


  1. One in the Pink

  2. I don't know what 's harder, pulling you guys through LakeShore or shoveling the heavy ass snow today.

  3. The snow for sure