Winter Riding Vol.1

If you can't spot yourself in the video then that means you haven't yet attended a WRCS, or you are unfortunately not very photogenic.

So pick an upcoming WRCS event, start training, and time your peak to perfection out on the roads of Essex County. Just keep reminding yourself, "if The Butcher can do it, then why not me?"


Here's why. Because The Butcher survives off a steady diet of various meats - that and the dreams of the weak. These are what keep him running in top form. So on second thought keep reminding yourself "if Mr. Snickers can do it, then why not me?"

There, that should be motivating.

Finally, take notice of the firm yet gentle hand of JLo, always willing to assist those riders in need of some extra horsepower. So if you feel the hand of fate pushing you forwards, it is most certainly JLo attempting to absolutely demoralize you.

Other News...

The Three-Sixty race series has a 2010 summer schedule posted. Now if only the Ciociaro series would release some formal details...


  1. Stay aware, very aware or the gay hand of J-Lo will violate you at any moment during a ride. He is like that creepy phys. ed teacher who was always offering the boys on the flat bench a spotter. Creepy d-bag.

    The Butcher

  2. Cool vid ! The hand thing is kind of creepy...


  3. Perhaps the next vid you make is an instructional 'how to build a website' video for those 360 boys!

  4. Awesome video!

    Did 360 even post final results last year?

  5. GD that looks cold.
    Hit the trails last night and could not stop sweating. It is so HOT and HUMID here.
    ATM, great effort.
    JLo, truly creepy.

    Cheers from summer,

  6. I'm out there to help. If that means a little push on the back or pulling you all day so you can kick ass in the final sprint. As long as everyone had fun!