2011 WRCS No.12

By all accounts of the morning winter blast, the evening ride was looking to be a real struggle. But even the weather will conform to the WRCS' will.

Pleasant-ish temps and calm winds rolled in just in time for a fantastic ride. The only thing that slowed the group down was a broken chain and luckily one person out of nineteen was prepared for just such an incident.

There are talks of bribes afoot. Is it possible that the overall winner will be decided by such bribes? The magic 8-ball says 'most definitely'.

Ride Time: 2:05
Riders: 19
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -10
Night Base Score: 50
Singlespeed Score: 60

Standings [12 of 19]

01____606____12____Ian C
02____606____12____Jaime K
03____606____12____Kris P
04____558____11____Dan S
05____555____11____Pak H
06____545____11____Jeff H
07____543____11____Manny G
08____503____10____Chris C
09____490____10____Russ V
10____486____12____Adam M
11____437____09____Norbert P
12____427____10____Eric L
13____406____10____Jessie S
14____405____10____John L
15____397____10____Rick C
16____388____08____George M
17____342____08____Dave P
18____335____08____Matt G
19____286____08____Geno W
20____283____07____Daniele D
21____242____07____Ben A
22____235____05____Rob L
23____225____06____Bob Garneau
24____223____05____Bob L
25____207____04____Darryl S
26____185____04____Dylan L
27____175____05____Kim R
28____167____04____Sandy B
29____164____04____Trisha S
30____133____03____Alex R
31____127____03____Paul S
32____107____03____Pete E
33____103____03____Dino M
34____103____03____Jim G
35____089____02____Matt B
36____088____02____Jeff C
37____078____02____Maurice R
38____076____02____Tom S
39____069____02____Ryan B
40____066____02____Nat J
41____059____02____Thomas F
42____051____01____Jim M
43____051____01____Randy M
44____048____01____Sue S
45____040____01____Fritz S
46____040____01____Wayne L
47____038____01____Dean M
48____038____01____Jay W
49____038____01____Julian G
50____038____01____Kathy P
51____038____01____Mig K
52____038____01____Rob V
53____038____01____Tony C
54____034____01____Paul E
55____031____01____Kevin L


  1. broken chain2/26/11, 8:38 AM

    Special thanks to the BikeSABBATH group for coming back for me and of course a special thanks to JLo for the monster efforts in helping me throughout the night. JLo IOU during the summer, redeemable at any time of our choice.

  2. Highlite of the night was the triumphant look on Adams face as he found that chain tool... you my friend are the human swiss army knife...