2011 WRCS No.13

The end is near. The days of wet, dreary snow and the finale of the WRCS are coming to a close.

Desperately. Wanting. Sun. And. Road bike.

Until then, six more rounds of winter-ish riding.

*Whenever a rider receives the race number 13, it is customary to flip it upside down - purely for superstition.

Ride Time: 2:30
Riders: 19
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -3
Base Score: 28
Singlespeed Score: 38

Standings [13 of 19]

01____644____13____Ian C
02____644____13____Jaime K
03____644____13____Kris P
04____596____12____Dan S
05____593____12____Pak H
06____583____12____Jeff H
07____581____12____Manny G
08____541____11____Chris C
09____528____11____Russ V
10____514____13____Adam M
11____475____10____Norbert P
12____437____10____Eric L
13____434____11____Jessie S
14____425____11____Rick C
15____405____10____John L
16____388____08____George M
17____342____08____Dave P
18____335____08____Matt G
19____314____09____Geno W
20____283____07____Daniele D
21____273____06____Rob L
22____242____07____Ben A
23____225____06____Bob Garneau
24____223____05____Bob L
25____207____04____Darryl S
26____203____06____Kim R
27____192____05____Trisha S
28____185____04____Dylan L
29____167____04____Sandy B
30____133____03____Alex R
31____131____04____Dino M
32____127____03____Paul S
33____107____03____Pete E
34____103____03____Jim G
35____089____02____Matt B
36____088____02____Jeff C
37____078____02____Maurice R
38____076____02____Sue S
39____076____02____Tom S
40____069____02____Ryan B
41____066____02____Nat J
42____059____02____Thomas F
43____051____01____Jim M
44____051____01____Randy M
45____044____02____Paul E
46____040____01____Fritz S
47____040____01____Wayne L
48____038____01____Dean M
49____038____01____Jay W
50____038____01____Julian G
51____038____01____Kathy P
52____038____01____Mig K
53____038____01____Rob V
54____038____01____Tony C
55____031____01____Kevin L


  1. I guess this is why JLo was absent from today's ride. He had more important things to do !!

    Windsor star quote,

    “I’ve heard the rumours ... there’s great concern,” added Riverside high school head swim coach John Loncke. A contender for top spot at this year’s provincial championships that start Tuesday in Etobicoke, even Riverside isn’t immune from the panic now gripping Windsor’s swim community.


  2. See Popeye run. Run Popeye run....