2011 WRCS No.11

The group dodged another winter storm and enjoyed the clear roads for the few remaining hours.

Tagging along for the ride was Dino. He rides constantly, whether it be in training rides or the local race series and they don't come much tougher than him. This was the brief exchange on the ride.

bikeSABBATH: "Dino, how old are you now?"
Dino: "Are you ready for this? I'm 69."
bikeSABBATH: "Absolutely incredible."
Dino: "Hey, don't tell anybody or I will beat the shit out of you."
Dino: "And don't tell my wife."

The best part of any ride no matter how fast or how long it is, you can drift to the back of the pack and be quickly told by Dino "Hey, you don't belong back here." Nothing like being shamed into riding more on the front.

Ride Time: 2:33
Riders: 25
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -6
Base Score: 31
Singlespeed Score: 41

Standings [11 of 19]

01____546____11____Ian C
02____546____11____Jaime K
03____546____11____Kris P
04____503____10____Chris C
05____498____10____Dan S
06____495____10____Pak H
07____490____10____Russ V
08____485____10____Jeff H
09____483____10____Manny G
10____436____11____Adam M
11____388____08____George M
12____377____09____Eric L
13____377____08____Norbert P
14____356____09____Jessie S
15____355____09____John L
16____347____09____Rick C
17____335____08____Matt G
18____292____07____Dave P
19____286____08____Geno W
20____283____07____Daniele D
21____242____07____Ben A
22____225____06____Bob Garneau
23____207____04____Darryl S
24____175____04____Rob L
25____175____05____Kim R
26____173____04____Bob L
27____135____03____Dylan L
28____133____03____Alex R
29____127____03____Paul S
30____117____03____Sandy B
31____114____03____Trisha S
32____107____03____Pete E
33____103____03____Dino M
34____103____03____Jim G
35____089____02____Matt B
36____088____02____Jeff C
37____078____02____Maurice R
38____076____02____Tom S
39____069____02____Ryan B
40____066____02____Nat J
41____059____02____Thomas F
42____051____01____Jim M
43____051____01____Randy M
44____048____01____Sue S
45____040____01____Fritz S
46____040____01____Wayne L
47____038____01____Dean M
48____038____01____Jay W
49____038____01____Julian G
50____038____01____Kathy P
51____038____01____Mig K
52____038____01____Rob V
53____038____01____Tony C
54____034____01____Paul E
55____031____01____Kevin L


  1. Dino said that to me twenty years ago, those exact words too.
    sean k

  2. Dino actually spoke 20 years ago ?

  3. Tonight, Feb. 25 will be a real test of who will succeed in the WRCS. Winter storm warning = great time to ride outdoors.