Details are sparse. Really not sure if anyone knows, or if we ever will. The only thing certain is that the second night ride of series is fast approaching.

Buy the ticket and take the ride.

Friday night's ride will be meandering along some roads in the general direction of South, perhaps South West. Then the ride will wind its way along some more roads, probably paved and gravel, back to the departure spot.

There is often inquiries as to what the overall speed/tone/vibe of the WInter Rides is really like. We'll here is a small glimpse. Just remember that this is during the beginning 'warm-up', it's tailwind, downhill, and on motorized bikes.

Video: Alex R. [East Side Riders]

So use the speed depicted in the video, imagine in it under the cover of dark, and repeat the 2 minute segment approximately 60 times and there you have it. See you Friday.

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