2011 WRCS No.6

The ride was on pace for a sub 2 hour, but the suggestion was made to push on for that little bit more - thanks JLo.

There are grumblings of a monster loop on Sunday's WRCS. Could be rumors, could be true - only the Butcher knows.

Ride Time: 2:28
Riders: 19
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -6
Night Base Score: 46
Singlespeed Score: 56

Standings [6 of 19]

01____317____06____Chris C
02____317____06____Ian C
03____317____06____Jaime K
04____317____06____Kris P
05____317____06____Manny G
06____307____06____Pak H
07____269____05____Dan S
08____263____05____George M
09____261____05____Russ V
10____257____06____Adam M
11____257____06____Eric L
12____257____06____John L
13____256____05____Jeff H
14____217____05____Matt G
15____211____05____Jessie S
16____207____04____Darryl S
17____168____04____Dave P
18____168____04____Daniele D
19____168____04____Rick C
20____160____04____Geno W
21____148____03____Norbert P
22____133____03____Alex R
23____132____03____Rob L
24____127____03____Paul S
25____122____03____Bob Garneau
26____116____03____Ben A
27____089____02____Bob L
28____089____02____Matt B
29____088____02____Jeff C
30____084____02____Sandra B
31____082____02____Dylan L
32____082____02____Kim R
33____078____02____Maurice R
34____076____02____Pete E
35____076____02____Tom S
36____051____01____Jim M
37____051____01____Randy M
38____048____01____Sue S
39____044____01____Dino M
40____040____01____Fritz S
41____040____01____Wayne L
42____038____01____Dean M
43____038____01____Jay W
44____038____01____Jim G
45____038____01____Julian G
46____038____01____Kathy P
47____038____01____Mig K
48____038____01____Nat J
49____038____01____Rob V
50____038____01____Ryan B
51____038____01____Tony C


  1. if i'm not mistaken, Jamie finished first last year so i think his name should be at the top of the list ..... but only if Mr. bikeSABBATH agrees.

    the Chilian

  2. Kaz needs a legal name change to go to the top, like Alejandro, Abe, Alfonso, etc. Otherwise, he has 13 more rides to make his way there.

  3. as Mr. Kasurak's legal council, i am in the process of changing his name to "BC" (before Chris). please make the necessary changes to the WRCS standings, as Mr. Kasurak has me on retainer.

    Dan "i am a lawyer" Scott

  4. Hey, I think I will go by Alexander now. We can use our middle name right?

  5. Kris
    Maybe you should go by your other name, -Asshole-


  6. ouch!! I'd be angry if it weren't true ..

  7. Jlo giving out asshole tips !! priceless.


  8. Not me Kris. If someone is going to pretend to be me atleast target someone I don't like, for example; ATM, Mr. 'I Think I'm Hot Shit' bikeSABBATH.

    Kris I find you to be a fine upstanding man, when you're not drunk!

    The Real JLo

  9. Jamie doesn't need to change his last name. No matter what place he's listed, he knows he's #1.

    Dan S. --- Not "Dan, I am a lawyer Scott"

  10. Tough crowd!