2011 WRCS No.7

The legs got softened up with some trail riding around a conservation area, then it was on to the county ramble.

Wind-swept sunny roads, both gravel and paved, compromised the next several hours. Each turn required a reformation of echelons to buffer the cross and head winds. In the end you knew you rode as the legs spun in a depleted state.

The use of a light road machine in the coming months will be a welcome feeling.

Ride Time: 2:45
Riders: 22
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -9
Base Score: 34
Singlespeed Score: 44

Standings [7 of 19]

01____361____07____Chris C
02____361____07____Ian C
03____361____07____Jaime K
04____361____07____Kris P
05____361____07____Manny G
06____351____07____Pak H
07____313____06____Dan S
08____307____06____George M
09____305____06____Russ V
10____300____06____Jeff H
11____291____07____Adam M
12____291____07____Eric L
13____291____07____John L
14____251____06____Matt G
15____211____05____Jessie S
16____207____04____Darryl S
17____202____05____Daniele D
18____202____05____Rick C
19____194____05____Geno W
20____192____04____Norbert P
21____168____04____Dave P
22____156____04____Bob Garneau
23____150____04____Ben A
24____133____03____Alex R
25____132____03____Rob L
26____127____03____Paul S
27____116____03____Kim R
28____089____02____Bob L
29____089____02____Matt B
30____088____02____Jeff C
31____084____02____Sandy B
32____082____02____Dylan L
33____078____02____Maurice R
34____076____02____Pete E
35____076____02____Tom S
36____072____02____Jim G
37____051____01____Jim M
38____051____01____Randy M
39____048____01____Sue S
40____044____01____Dino M
41____040____01____Fritz S
42____040____01____Wayne L
43____038____01____Dean M
44____038____01____Jay W
45____038____01____Julian G
46____038____01____Kathy P
47____038____01____Mig K
48____038____01____Nat J
49____038____01____Rob V
50____038____01____Ryan B
51____038____01____Tony C
52____034____01____Paul E


  1. WTF I thought you got bonus points for falling with style:)That was a perfect vertical 180.

  2. NP,
    Your face ensconced in snow was majestic. Unfortunately, no points can be offered but a heart-felt thank-you is in order for the dramatic flare in which you cartwheeled off the boardwalk. Glad you're alright.

  3. Can't give points for falling even with style and class. Might cause some of the group tied for 1st to fall for laughts and those bonus points. This way there's nothing but laughts and no questioning of integrity.

    Dan S

  4. This just in.....

    BONUS WRCS ride tonight Tuesday Feb 1 11:45pm during the heart of the storm.

    The ride will be 50 km and there will be 100 times the usual points for the ride.

    Don't forget your lights and snow plow


  5. Sweet ride last night! Looks like I was the only one to show. That will increase my point total by approx. 525 points. That should just about lock up the series for me. Thanks for the memories folks!!


  6. JLo: I was 5 feet behind you and kept yelling for you to slow down to 5 km/h so I could catch up. Couldn't you hear me?

    Dan S