2011 WRCS No.5

Were you inside on the trainer? For shame. Don't act like we don't know who you are.

The leader board took a small shake-up as six riders are all that remain in 1st place. Several riders are banking on the wicked virus floating around to knock them out of contention - we'll see.

Anyone else shocked that Daniele owns a mountain bike? Bar ends never looked so fashionable.

Ride Time: 2:28
Riders: 23
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -19
Base Score: 44
Singlespeed Score: 54

Standings [5 of 19]

01____261____05____Chris C
02____261____05____Ian C
03____261____05____Jaime K
04____261____05____Kris P
05____261____05____Manny G
06____261____05____Russ V
07____251____05____Pak H
08____213____04____Dan S
09____211____05____Adam M
10____211____05____Eric L
11____211____05____Jessie S
12____211____05____John L
13____207____04____Darryl S
14____207____04____George M
15____200____04____Jeff H
16____171____04____Matt G
17____160____04____Geno W
18____133____03____Alex R
19____127____03____Paul S
20____122____03____Bob Garneau
21____122____03____Dave P
22____122____03____Daniele D
23____122____03____Rick C
24____116____03____Ben A
25____092____02____Norbert P
26____089____02____Bob L
27____089____02____Matt B
28____088____02____Jeff C
29____082____02____Dylan L
30____082____02____Kim R
31____078____02____Maurice R
32____076____02____Pete E
33____076____02____Rob L
34____076____02____Tom S
35____051____01____Jim M
36____051____01____Randy M
37____048____01____Sue S
38____044____01____Dino M
39____040____01____Fritz S
40____040____01____Wayne L
41____038____01____Dean M
42____038____01____Jay W
43____038____01____Jim G
44____038____01____Julian G
45____038____01____Kathy P
46____038____01____Mig K
47____038____01____Nat J
48____038____01____Rob V
49____038____01____Ryan B
50____038____01____Sandra B
51____038____01____Tony C


  1. Even with the slippery bump-fest from Malden to LaSalle, that was a gorgeous ride. See, my fingers are thawed out enough to type now!
    Thanks Adam.

  2. People still own trainers? Get outside and ride

  3. Videos from Sunday’s ride:
    Copy and paste to your browser:
    www.youtube.com then search for TheESRs or Bike Sabbath Jan 23 2011

    See You Out There...
    Alex R