2011 WRCS No.4

It's a great route in the summer months, and it is often used as the testing grounds for relentless sprinting.

However, with snow blanketing everything and the body labouring under layers of clothing, it's still a great route - just at an easier pace.

Ride Time: 2:34
Riders: 22
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -15
Base Score: 40
Singlespeed Score: 50

Standings [4 of 19]

01____207____04____Chris C
02____207____04____Darryl S
03____207____04____George M
04____207____04____Ian C
05____207____04____Jaime K
06____207____04____Kris P
07____207____04____Manny G
08____207____04____Russ V
09____197____04____Pak H
10____167____04____Adam M
11____167____04____Eric L
12____167____04____Jessie S
13____167____04____John L
14____159____03____Dan S
15____146____03____Jeff H
16____127____03____Matt G
17____127____03____Paul S
18____116____03____Ben A
19____116____03____Geno W
20____089____02____Alex R
21____089____02____Bob L
22____089____02____Matt B
23____088____02____Jeff C
24____078____02____Bob Garneau
25____078____02____Dave P
26____078____02____Daniele D
27____078____02____Maurice R
28____076____02____Pete E
29____076____02____Rob L
30____076____02____Tom S
31____051____01____Jim M
32____051____01____Randy M
33____048____01____Sue S
34____040____01____Fritz S
35____040____01____Wayne L
36____038____01____Dean M
37____038____01____Dylan L
38____038____01____Jay W
39____038____01____Jim G
40____038____01____Julian G
41____038____01____Kathy P
42____038____01____Kim R
43____038____01____Mig K
44____038____01____Nat J
45____038____01____Norbert P
46____078____02____Rick C
47____038____01____Rob V
48____038____01____Ryan B
49____038____01____Sandra B
50____038____01____Tony C


  1. Cold, yet Awesome!

    Thanks, Mr. bikeSabbath

  2. Yes Brrr but fun!

  3. Deep Freeze coming this weekend

  4. WRCS No.5 is looking to have some big points. Expect a similar route to WRCS No.1, barring the :off:road: trails aren't too bad.

  5. I am worried, are the roads and trails going to be safe.

  6. You never know if there is an axe murder lurking around the corner !