2011 WRCS No.3

Doin' it in the dark is not a bad way to go. Even got to pedal down some new roads.

Sunday's daytime ride will venture around the classic Swamp Loop. See you then.

Ride Time: 2:07
Riders: 20
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -11
Night Base Score: 51
Singlespeed Score: 61

Standings [3 of 19]

01____157____03____Chris C
02____157____03____Darryl S
03____157____03____George M
04____157____03____Ian C
05____157____03____Jaime K
06____157____03____Kris P
07____157____03____Manny G
08____157____03____Pak H
09____157____03____Russ V
10____127____03____Adam M
11____127____03____Eric L
12____127____03____Jessie S
13____127____03____John L
14____127____03____Matt G
15____127____03____Paul S
16____109____02____Dan S
17____096____02____Jeff H
18____089____02____Alex R
19____089____02____Bob L
20____089____02____Matt B
21____076____02____Ben A
22____076____02____Geno W
23____076____02____Pete E
24____076____02____Rob L
25____076____02____Tom S
26____051____01____Jim M
27____051____01____Randy M
28____048____01____Jeff C
29____048____01____Sue S
30____038____01____Bob Garneau
31____038____01____Dave P
32____038____01____Daniele D
33____038____01____Dean M
34____038____01____Dylan L
35____038____01____Jay W
36____038____01____Jim G
37____038____01____Julian G
38____038____01____Kathy P
39____038____01____Kim R
40____038____01____Maurice R
41____038____01____Mig K
42____038____01____Nat J
43____038____01____Norbert P
44____038____01____Rick C
45____038____01____Rob V
46____038____01____Ryan B
47____038____01____Sandra B
48____038____01____Tony C

1 comment:

  1. The night was cold but the beer was colder. Almost the perfect evening.
    Dan S.