The local crew behind Bike The Bruce have set out for an ambitious year of cycling promotion. Luckily, they are just that good to pull it off.

Starting April 14th, the mid-week road racing at Ciociaro returns.

Then on April 21st the mid-week mountain bike races start at Malden Park.

The third running of the 2011 Bike the Bruce Road Race as part of the Ontario Cup Road Series is scheduled for May 15th. The event looks to return to the long-course format featured in 2009, something that any racer would lust for considering the small circuit races that dominate the regional calendars.

Finally, the new addition of a Ciociaro Club Ontario Cup Road Race is set to display the unique local cycling track to a whole other audience of enthusiasts from across Ontario and the Midwest.

It is incredible that one cycling promotions group will accomplish more in one season, and with tremendous quality, then most other groups could even dream of. Motivating and impressive to say the least.

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