2011 WRCS No.2

Sunny skies can make almost any temperature seem tolerable. The extra Vitamin D had the group moving briskly along the route. Anyone else want the pace to be a little more subdued?

No? Just me.

Fine. More trainer time then.

Sadly, the next ride will be by moonlight so supplement with some multi-vits to make sure your ready for the rigors of riding on a snow covered Greenway.

Ride Time: 2:05
Riders: 33
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -13
Base Score: 38
Singlespeed Score: 48

Standings [2 of 19]

01____096____02____Chris C
02____096____02____Darryl S
03____096____02____George M
04____096____02____Ian C
05____096____02____Jaime K
06____096____02____Jeff H
07____096____02____Kris P
08____096____02____Manny G
09____096____02____Pak H
10____096____02____Russ V
11____076____02____Adam M
12____076____02____Ben A
13____076____02____Eric L
14____076____02____Geno W
15____076____02____Jessie S
16____076____02____John L
17____076____02____Matt G
18____076____02____Paul S
19____076____02____Pete E
20____076____02____Rob L
21____076____02____Tom S
22____048____01____Dan S
23____048____01____Jeff C [Social Points]
24____048____01____Sue S
26____038____01____Bob L
27____038____01____Bob Garneau
28____038____01____Dave P
29____038____01____Daniele D
30____038____01____Dean M
31____038____01____Dylan L
32____038____01____Jay W
33____038____01____Jim G
34____038____01____Julian G
35____038____01____Kathy P
36____038____01____Kim R
37____038____01____Matt B
38____038____01____Maurice R
39____038____01____Mig K
40____038____01____Nat J
41____038____01____Norbert P
42____038____01____Rick C
43____038____01____Rob V
44____038____01____Ryan B
45____038____01____Sandra B
46____038____01____Tony C

*Mr. Chow earned himself the not-so-well-publicized Social Points. If you can't do the ride, show up and say hi and earn a bonus 10 points [provided you've done at least one ride beforehand].


  1. Sweet Ass ride. Great Weather!

  2. Signs of a good ride- A. Simple math seems impossible, and B. Sitting down on the can ranks inside the top 10 most painful moments of your life.

    The butcher

  3. Squat and hover... hope for the best!

  4. Shouldn't have played 8 hours of pond hockey yesterday!

  5. Jeff's lifetime social points = 4 trillion

  6. Top 17! Ride the wave Bitches!


  7. I'm there for ya my riding peeps!