Bike The Bruce O-Cup Finale

Small circuit + two climbs per lap = hard.

Its a ways to travel for your self-inflicted punishment, but racing in Grey County has proven to be a worthwhile venture. In this case worthwhile equates to a repeated death march under scorching skies, but still a good time.

Dylan and Co. put a lot of effort into organizing cycling events both locally and regionally with overwhelming success. The 2nd annual Bike The Bruce is proof. Perhaps though, one of the better aspects of their race promotion is Dylan's ability to croon on the microphone about anything and everything, usually about cycling.

Here is one such example. Following an inspirational 7th overall ride at this years Tour De France, Dylan gets down to some name dropping for his fellow Canadian Ryder Hesjedal - pretty sure they are best friends.


  1. The uniforms look great! My fav colours!! Black

  2. I thought you would have held onto that one for a while before you posted it. I can't thank the people enough who made the trip up. Next year, and anytime really, your (my fellow Windsor riders) are welcome to stay here with us. Also truth be told this event was the product of a trip with Adam and I 2 years ago coming home from the K-W race, we put it all together in our heads. See you Thursday. I will update the Ciociaro soon, sorry.

  3. Monday 7pm Done!

  4. Done by 3:37 pm. Totally toasted.