Typically, not a day of the week that is held in high regard - unless your looking for a road ride.

As of late the Monday Night Worlds has resembled a band of gypsy's more than an organized group ride. Roaming from location to location and pillaging various routes. However, that will all change with a concrete date and place of Monday August 9th at Ambassador Bikes @ 6pm.

Here is your chance for a captive group ride, because who knows where the ride will be after that? Well I know, and I'll tell you if inquire pleasantly. Come out and take your best shot at local legends JLo (if its not raining) and The Butcher (if there is no deli sales).

If your really lucky, the Polish Assassin, pictured above, will hunt you the entire ride then drop you for dead in the closing kilometers.

*Note: The wonderful nickname the Polish Assassin was given by the M.C. at this years Bike the Bruce as it was blasted over the PA system. Brilliant.

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  1. Polish Assassin is great at leading out the group as well! He's just a class act guy!
    Just ask jlo????????