Back In Black

The weekend ride was saved/slightly guided by a tiny Blackberry. The few brief moments of not knowing which direction to go was fun, but then technology took over and produced a map in a small hand held device.

Then it was back to the business of riding long miles on sun-drenched roads. It is towards the end of these long rides that black kits revealed salted-out efforts and dehydrating bodies. *

Salt coloured jerseys would be a good idea.

*Disclaimer: Dear competitors, please don't gage the fitness of those wearing black by the salt stains encompassing their jersey's. I mean, perhaps the salt has been placed their on purpose to give you a false sense of security. Yes, thats it. Its best to assume the salt is supposed to be there and that you are about to feel the wrath of a cyclist who is incredibly fresh and fit.


  1. To all actually deyhrated riders / races please do not lick the Tower riders in hopes of winning the uphill battle with dehydration. Though the salt leaving these riders bodies is of the highest quality it is simply bad form to lick another rider.

  2. something to lick on...
    seriously? to be honest i thought he was headed towards '...we have SIDEWALKS for bikes' but nope, he played the 'when people get killed, it's their own fault' card. shame.

  3. Rob Ford for Mayor

  4. Rob Ford for my dad.

  5. Rob Ford should get on a bike, before he dies of a heart attack.

  6. Stein Bagger8/6/10, 10:06 PM

    Of course, you self impressed hipsters are aware that sandpaper is the New Black?

    Giddy up!