The Pursuit of Happiness

National Parks are a great venue for big cycling efforts, just don't hit any birders.

The suffercaking broke down like this:

First, an individual time trial out and back covering 13.32 km. A minimal warm up for everyone resulted in some throbbing legs by the end.

Second, a team time trial only one way covering an ominous 6.66 km. The teams were broken down into aero versus non-aero guys. The non-aero guys took a slim victory.

Finally, a rallying of the troops for a massive team time trial in an attempt to break the previous record of 8.50 seconds (6.66 km). It was close but an 8.51 second time will mean another attempt in the near future.

After that it was drinks and tacos to celebrate 'Seiso de Mayo' - the 5th of May was shot so we chose to honour the sixth day instead.


  1. Sorry I missed it. Fore!

  2. Golf's not an excuse

  3. What about picking up new clubs