Damn Fine

A few observations and some congratulations are in order.

This past Monday Night Worlds saw a nice turnout of 20+ riders. With so many cyclists there was a good representation of local kits (aka: uniforms, jerseys, costumes). The kit is an extremely important tool in a cyclists quiver of fitness, equipment, etc. Probably the most important because a good looking kit can make you approximately 53 seconds faster over a 40 km distance (of course that is on a standard road bike, not an aero time-trial specific bike). But on this particular evening one really stood out.

Do you see it? There it is, the one resplendent in orange, blue, and a classy looking owl. A few years ago this was the hot kit. It even looked more impressive when paired with the matching bibs, knee/leg warmers, arm warmers, vests, jackets, and cycling caps. I'm sure a few pieces still linger untouched and wrapped in plastic - who's got some for sale?

And finally a big congratulations to a couple of local cyclists who tied the knot over the weekend. Had the chance to participate in a pre-reception ride with the groom. This is a good pre-wedding exercise because if you can tolerate red-lining your heart rate for several hours the rest is a cake walk, plus the bike is a good escape vehicle should some cold-feet set in. Almost collected enough party favours to last a season of riding.


  1. Congrats again Pak & Kim

  2. Nice bottle!

  3. Pak and Kim - a great couple and all the best


  4. only a true designer could come up with a jersey like this, truely magnificant.

  5. Congrats Pak and Kim.

  6. A few pieces? You could start an on line store with the unused stuff you would find in that basement.
    Notice the time line, I have the previous years jersey on. Kind of a history of Ciclo Sport in motion.
    I think Dan has the future of cycling jerseys , the rolled up sleeve look.