A couple of ideas kicking around that are better left thrown out into the ethernet to see what comes back.

Thought No.1 [MTB related]:

There should be a big mountain bike gathering at a local area with an emphasis on riding and conversing. Perhaps Two Creeks in Wheatley? Maybe in July? Say a time from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm where you show up, ride as much or as little as you fancy, then BBQ, chat, and finish off with a voluntary hot lap contest (60 seconds or less) - just for some friendly competition. The idea is something formally informal, no club or license requirements - just soaking it in. How about calling it 'Big Day Out'?

Thought No.2 [Road related]:

A Team Time Trial of, oh, something like 60 km. Choose your own 4 man team. Assign starting orders of a roughly estimated handicapped time (so theoretically a team of 'lesser' horse power could still win), and just suffer. Of course you could allow at least one rider to be dropped and then take the top 3 of your team. This could happen whenever (whenever someone chooses to organize it). This one feels like it needs a title of 'Open Band Jam'.

So if someone could go ahead and begin planning these thoughts into a slightly more structured thing, that would be great. Or, at the very least offer up some suggestions.


  1. Oh Yeah!!!
    The Fat Tyres are back...I'd be happy to help organize the "BIG DAY OUT" at the end of June or beginning of July (I will be gone most of July). 2 votes for F.T.!!!
    (Me & Wifey)

  2. Wifey??!
    His husband of the year award is already going downhill!!!

  3. Nice nod to the southern hemisphere...and MTBs. But June/July is WAY too early for Big Day Out...it should be somewhere around or near or exactly on August 7 or 8. Just one man's opinion.

  4. Like the TTT idea , could probably round up some interested East Siders as well as Ciclo Sporters. I will put some thought into location and date.

  5. I'm all over both. You know I love the TT.

  6. Anyone looking to add a big handicap number to their TT team?

  7. The best course of action for a TTT is to group up with evenly matched riders. A team consisting of mixed levels is going to really struggle, but if everyone is able to produce similar wattage then thats the ticket.