Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

A couple days of riding with two very different tones.

Day No.1

This was a ride with a purpose. Single file and no words spoken until a refreshment stop in Kent County. A few pleasantries were exchanged, then it was back to the business of keeping the speedometer above forty clicks for the return home.

Day No.2

Again a ride with a purpose, but one a little more humane. It was to be a social ride that paid homage to the old Monday Night Worlds loop. An enjoyable contrast to the previous day, that is unless you flatted a tubular a mere 2 km into the ride.


  1. TSN turning point - Sunday

    "Hey guys lets keep this single file." (through Belle River) From this point on the ride never went 2 by 2 again. Also never dropped much below 40 again.

    Awesome ride!!!

  2. Hey I picked up your teams race wheels again at the race. If you want them let me know otherwise I will bring them to the next race (june10). I am not sure exactly who's wheels they are since Adam wasn't there tonight. you can e-mail me if you want them earlier