2010 WRCS No.18

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who attended this years Winter Ride Challenge Series. Any sadness due to its completion can be wiped clear with the upcoming good weather.

Pic No.1. The smirk of a man who knows he has the pleasure of being the overall champ for the WRCS. Congrats on rolling the single speed for all 18 events.

Pic No.2. The maniacal smile of a man who barely tolerates riding a bike that isn't a sleek, well-groomed road machine. Any bike with a treaded tire is his kryptonite, though once in awhile he makes the sacrifice. Not bad.

Pic No.3. What do you do if the tubular you are changing has a broken valve extender? You just simply inflate the tubular to the desired pressure, then take 4 guys (8 hands) and stretch that beast over the rim and make it conform to your will. Best part was their was a demonstration not once, but twice.

Ride Time: 1:32
Riders: 13
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 5
Base Score: 20
Singlespeed Score: 30

Final Standings [18 of 18]

01____845____18____James K
02____792____17____Pak H
03____788____17____Chris C
04____788____17____Russ V
05____763____16____Ian C
06____722____16____Dan S
07____717____15____Kris P
08____666____18____Manny G
09____618____16____Len B
10____602____16____Adam M
11____521____14____Darryl S
12____483____10____Dave P
13____480____11____Rob L
14____475____12____John L
15____329____08____Jeff C
16____321____09____Kim R
17____223____06____Pete E
18____222____07____Wayne L
19____197____05____Bob L
20____184____05____Mark T
21____169____05____Jim G
22____169____05____Tony C
23____158____05____Ben A
24____141____03____Sue S
25____132____04____George M
26____132____04____Tim O
27____110____03____Sandy B
28____103____02____Dante D
29____101____03____Nat J
30_____85____03____Dino M
31_____80____02____Derek S
32_____79____02____Pauwel D
33_____67____02____Scott J
34_____58____02____Thomas F
35_____57____02____Tom S
36_____52____01____Dan L
37_____52____01____Don D
38_____52____01____Ian S
39_____45____01____Dana H
40_____45____01____Geno W
41_____45____01____Spencer J
42_____41____01____Dylan L
43_____41____01____Rob P
44_____41____01____Trevor B
45_____35____01____Geoff S
46_____32____02____Norbert P
47_____28____01____Aimee A
48_____28____01____Ciro V
49_____28____01____Greg Al
50_____28____01____Greg An
51_____28____01____Jay W
52_____28____01____Les P
53_____28____01____Nick D
54_____28____01____Paul E
55_____28____01____Rob V
56_____22____01____Emily P
57_____22____01____Leon B
59_____22____01____Saylo L


  1. Angry Asian3/29/10, 4:33 AM

    Great Job bikeSABBATH!!!

    another winter in the books...can't wait to ride the SS next series. Looking forward to the warmer temps and dry roads.

  2. Great job on the winter series Bike Sabbath!

    Best winter training you can get!


  3. Awesome series, sorry I missed the finale!

  4. Was there a tie breaker for third place? Egg and spoon, wheel barrow race?
    What's that the 50th flat in the last two years for Len? I think I would be calling it a day on tubs.

  5. I can't believe I didn't make it out once this season. Maybe next year I will manage to join you.

    I saw y'all blast past on the riverfront trail yesterday though, and I'm not sure I could keep up anyway!

  6. Great riding this winter... Winter never when so fast...

    Adam great job with running the series and keeping the website interesting (understatement)...

    The winter riding kept me in great shape and has resulted in a painless move into spring training with a minimum of wheezing... lol

    Also feel its somewhat appropriate that I finish solidly in 13th place (where I have been solidly stuck for about 8 weeks now) how luck is that??!!

    Cheers to all of you and best of luck this season... safe fast riding!! and see you out there on the skinny tires...!!


  7. fifty flats!!!!(lucky I know where the best bicycle shop is) anyway I normally don't defend my choices but I feel this one needs it. For people over 240lbs (and almost every pro rider in the world) tubular is the only way to go- the tire in question had 2200+ kms on it on clincher tires I usually didn't get 400kms Obviously my weight is the issue and plays the biggest factor.
    Adam that was one sweet series I really enjoyed it and really saw what it takes to get fit. I am amazed at the suffering it takes to get to the speeds you ride in the summer A real eye opener it changed my life. Thanks again lenard beaudoin

  8. Adam, great series and great job on the site. Yes that smile was maniacal. But that ride was great. I can stand some treads but not if they are on mountain bike. I like my bikes like I like my..... better not go there. Think you understand -- sleek and well groomed!!! oh yes, that does it for me.

  9. In that case I would continue withe the tubs Len. Good on you for getting out there 16 times in all that shit weather, tougher than me.