2010 WRCS No.17

Good ride as the group tackled some new roads. The cold temps required the periodic stop for liquid warming agents, but if that didn't warm you just bust out a legitimate irish jig - worth the wait.

With one to go it looks as though a winner has been decided, though a few other spots are up for grabs. Will the threat of rain provide a chance to move up a few placing?

Ride Time: 2:17
Riders: 11
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -5
Night Base Score: 46
Singlespeed Score: 56

Standings [17 of 18]

01____815____17____James K
02____762____16____Pak H
03____758____16____Chris C
04____758____16____Russ V
05____733____15____Ian C
06____717____15____Kris P
07____692____15____Dan S
08____646____17____Manny G
09____598____15____Len B
10____582____15____Adam M
11____521____14____Darryl S
12____483____10____Dave P
13____480____11____Rob L
14____475____12____John L
15____329____08____Jeff C
16____301____08____Kim R
17____223____06____Pete E
18____202____06____Wayne L
19____197____05____Bob L
20____184____05____Mark T
21____169____05____Tony C
22____158____05____Ben A
23____149____04____Jim G
24____141____03____Sue S
25____132____04____George M
26____132____04____Tim O
27____110____03____Sandy B
28____103____02____Dante D
29____101____03____Nat J
30_____85____03____Dino M
31_____80____02____Derek S
32_____79____02____Pauwel D
33_____67____02____Scott J
34_____57____02____Tom S
35_____52____01____Dan L
36_____52____01____Don D
37_____52____01____Ian S
38_____45____01____Dana H
39_____45____01____Geno W
40_____45____01____Spencer J
41_____41____01____Dylan L
42_____41____01____Rob P
43_____41____01____Trevor B
44_____38____01____Thomas F
45_____35____01____Geoff S
46_____32____02____Norbert P
47_____28____01____Aimee A
48_____28____01____Ciro V
49_____28____01____Greg Al
50_____28____01____Greg An
51_____28____01____Jay W
52_____28____01____Les P
53_____28____01____Nick D
54_____28____01____Paul E
55_____28____01____Rob V
56_____22____01____Emily P
57_____22____01____Leon B
59_____22____01____Saylo L

1 comment:

  1. Calves like that aren't created from cycling or hockey or any other myths. The jig holds the secret to huge calves.