Catch Up

So everything is going well then life happens. You think you've got things in check, but something inevitably gives.

You get away from the bike and opt for the two feet and a heart beat regime. Yeah, that'll be good. Some cross training, relaxation, just what the bike doctor ordered. Right?

Then you get back, hit the first group ride, and realize you are WAY behind. While you 'cross trained' and relaxed, people were suffering and working. Now comes the catch up. The long, solo rides to try and bridge the gap to the riders quickly leaving you behind. Ugh.

Lesson Learned: NEVER stop riding. Rest is for the weak. Except for you JLo, you should take 2-3 weeks off and relax.


  1. What are you talking about my last couple of weeks have been virtual rest. My riding has been limited to minimal effort recovery group rides. I do plan on trying to actually ride in the coming weeks. Anyone interested in some hard riding let me know!

  2. That's quite the mix of uni's

  3. That's quite the mix of uni's

  4. 'life' sucks!

  5. Dear BikeSabbath,
    Does riding from Hillman Marsh south beach to Hillman Marsh north beach count as a training ride? Sincerely Leamingtonite

  6. @ JLo: for it to be considered a "recovery ride" dont you have to do something before to recover from??

  7. bikeSABBATH4/2/10, 9:11 PM

    It counts as a training ride when you take into consideration the location of the pic on the left - ahh, the hills of essex county.

    For those who raced this weekend, how did it go?