2010 WRCS No.15

This ride proved to shake up the standings somewhat. A wet start and a cold finish was the reward for those willing to stick it out.

Looking over the standings one would caution third and fourth place to be extra careful over the next week - a tough number to have.

Ride Time: 1:30
Riders: 14
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -3
Base Score: 28
Singlespeed Score: 38

Standings [15 of 18]

01____714____15____James K
02____670____14____Pak H
03____666____14____Chris C
04____666____14____Russ V
05____641____13____Ian C
06____636____14____Dan S
07____625____13____Kris P
08____574____15____Manny G
09____572____14____Len B
10____536____14____Adam M
11____495____13____Darryl S
12____483____10____Dave P
13____480____11____Rob L
14____429____11____John L
15____329____08____Jeff C
16____301____08____Kim R
17____223____06____Pete E
18____197____05____Bob L
19____184____05____Mark T
20____169____05____Tony C
21____158____05____Ben A
22____149____04____Jim G
23____141____03____Sue S
24____132____04____George M
25____132____04____Tim O
26____130____04____Wayne L
27____110____03____Sandy B
28____103____02____Dante D
29____101____03____Nat J
30_____85____03____Dino M
31_____80____02____Derek S
32_____79____02____Pauwel D
33_____67____02____Scott J
34_____57____02____Tom S
35_____52____01____Dan L
36_____52____01____Don D
37_____52____01____Ian S
38_____45____01____Dana H
39_____45____01____Geno W
40_____45____01____Spencer J
41_____41____01____Dylan L
42_____41____01____Rob P
43_____41____01____Trevor B
44_____38____01____Thomas F
45_____35____01____Geoff S
46_____32____02____Norbert P
47_____28____01____Aimee A
48_____28____01____Ciro V
49_____28____01____Greg Al
50_____28____01____Greg An
51_____28____01____Jay W
52_____28____01____Les P
53_____28____01____Nick D
54_____28____01____Paul E
55_____28____01____Rob V
56_____22____01____Emily P
57_____22____01____Leon B
59_____22____01____Saylo L


  1. Jeff Hencher3/16/10, 4:30 PM

    Sorry Adam, this doesn't have anything to do with Sunday's ride, though I can't say I'm sorry to have missed THAT one.
    A group of us are renting a bed and breakfast for the P2A race. It's a 5 minute ride from the start. We have 2 or 3 spots left if anyone's interested.

  2. A caution to #28 as well.

  3. Chico & Russ have the best number 666....