Cat Walk

A big shin dig is planned for the month of April. It looks as though there is a real buffet of things to see.

It can only be hoped that the services of The Butcher will be solicited to perform ALL the modeling needs. He possesses a rare mix of masculine and feminine traits that is sure to appeal to all local cyclists. A rugged beard and silky smooth legs means he can wear the hell out of a lycra costume.

Proceeds from the event look to support a variety of things ranging from the track itself to a youth's and women's cycling program. So in short, if the event is truly going to be a celebration to raise funds, then let The Butcher work his magic.

Other News...

If you think your a tough bike rider then check this. One year plus of solid dedication. The Hermitman's exploits are a must read for anyone who enjoys big miles (or some form of admiration). WARNING: It may also be seriously depressing to compare how little riding YOU yourself are actually doing.


  1. Thank you for this write up. If I had've come across this ad by myself I would have been confused, unsure whether to be excited or uncomfortable at the idea. Consider me excited.

  2. Get a life Hermitman!