2010 WRCS No.14

Today was the day to double down - big points despite the moderate temps.

Overall the ride was good with the theme being a steady quick tempo. For a few it made for a great second day of training, with the usual early Chatham Ride serving as a kick off the day before. Only four more rides to go in the Winter Ride Challenge Series.

Ride Time: 2:31
Riders: 20
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -1
Base Score [Double Points]: 52
Singlespeed Score: 62

Standings [14 of 18]

01____676____14____James K
02____636____14____Dan S
03____632____13____Pak H
04____628____13____Chris C
05____628____13____Russ V
06____603____12____Ian C
07____587____12____Kris P
08____536____14____Adam M
09____536____14____Manny G
10____483____10____Dave P
11____534____13____Len B
12____495____13____Darryl S
13____480____11____Rob L
14____391____10____John L
15____291____07____Jeff C
16____263____07____Kim R
17____223____06____Pete E
18____169____04____Bob L
19____169____05____Tony C
20____158____05____Ben A
21____149____04____Jim G
22____146____04____Mark T
23____141____03____Sue S
24____132____04____George M
25____132____04____Tim O
26____130____04____Wayne L
27____110____03____Sandy B
28____103____02____Dante D
29____101____03____Nat J
30_____85____03____Dino M
31_____79____02____Pauwel D
32_____67____02____Scott J
33_____57____02____Tom S
34_____52____01____Dan L
35_____52____01____Derek S
36_____52____01____Don D
37_____52____01____Ian S
38_____45____01____Dana H
39_____45____01____Geno W
40_____45____01____Spencer J
41_____41____01____Dylan L
42_____41____01____Rob P
43_____41____01____Trevor B
44_____38____01____Thomas F
45_____35____01____Geoff S
46_____32____02____Norbert P
47_____28____01____Aimee A
48_____28____01____Ciro V
49_____28____01____Greg Al
50_____28____01____Greg An
51_____28____01____Jay W
52_____28____01____Les P
53_____28____01____Nick D
54_____28____01____Paul E
55_____28____01____Rob V
56_____22____01____Emily P
57_____22____01____Leon B
59_____22____01____Saylo L

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Dante. You are beating 31 other riders and you live in New Zealand. Pony up boys and girls. The Butcher