2010 WRCS No.13

One thing is for certain, people are getting fit. The extended loop did not do much to add on any significant time. So becareful, a WRCS will get you into shape.

And sometimes riding on the road is too easy, sometimes you've got to pick up the bike, head for the nearest ditch and shoulder that hunk of metal (or plastic) as you sprint through knee deep snow - just couldn't get enough from Friday night I guess.

Now pay attention. Lean in real close and read the words being displayed in front of you. This upcoming WRCS (No.14) is going to be worth DOUBLE POINTS. Hopefully the leaders 1 through 7 can't show.

Ride Time: 2:11
Riders: 23
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -3
Base Score: 28
Singlespeed Score: 38

Standings [13 of 18]

01____614____13____James K
02____574____13____Dan S
03____570____12____Pak H
04____566____12____Chris C
05____566____12____Russ V
06____541____11____Ian C
07____525____11____Kris P
08____484____13____Adam M
09____484____13____Manny G
10____483____10____Dave P
11____482____12____Len B
12____443____12____Darryl S
13____418____10____Rob L
14____339____09____John L
15____291____07____Jeff C
16____211____06____Kim R
17____171____05____Pete E
18____169____04____Bob L
19____158____05____Ben A
20____149____04____Jim G
21____146____04____Mark T
22____141____03____Sue S
23____132____04____George M
24____132____04____Tim O
25____130____04____Wayne L
26____117____04____Tony C
27____110____03____Sandy B
28____103____02____Dante D
29____101____03____Nat J
30_____85____03____Dino M
31_____79____02____Pauwel D
32_____67____02____Scott J
33_____57____02____Tom S
34_____45____01____Dana H
35_____45____01____Geno W
36_____45____01____Spencer J
37_____41____01____Dylan L
38_____41____01____Rob P
39_____41____01____Trevor B
40_____38____01____Thomas F
41_____35____01____Geoff S
42_____32____02____Norbert P
43_____28____01____Aimee A
44_____28____01____Ciro V
45_____28____01____Greg Al
46_____28____01____Greg An
47_____28____01____Jay W
48_____28____01____Les P
49_____28____01____Nick D
50_____28____01____Paul E
51_____28____01____Rob V
52_____22____01____Emily P
53_____22____01____Leon B
55_____22____01____Saylo L


  1. Kids +coughing =Me getting sick and having to leave early. Thanks again Manny for the help and ride home..

  2. Getting fit likely, legs sore to the touch this afternoon absolutely! Three days off oh yeah!

  3. Darryl is like Robo Rider. Never ever stops. Keep up the strong pace.

  4. Slight headache, legs tired.. you know it was a good ride.


  5. Formal details on Ciociaro Series, sorry for the delay.


    Register online

  6. How can you possibly have a double points ride the same weekend of the Toronto bike show...??? I mean the joy of riding outdoors is great but the joy of going to Toronto and salivating over bikes all day and getting drunk with friends... well its a difficult toss up... but in the end to booze wins out...

  7. oh well......

  8. Dylan, thanks for posting the Ciociaro info. Question: sitting at the meeting last year it was made clear that you did not have to be a Ciociaro Club member to race on the track (the cost was $20), now the registration looks as though there is a $20 Ciociaro User Fee to race on the track. Do I have this right? It looks as though that the club has changed their minds.

    That said, the format and pricing looks really good for the series - can't wait.

  9. I may be wrong but I remember the question being "do I need to be a Ciociaro Club member to ride on the track". and the answer to that is no you do not. The track is open to the public and it is critial that we respect all people using the facilities. However on race nights the track is closed to the public and you do need to pay a $20 User Fee to use the track on race nights as I have booked the track and will be paying the money to the Ciociaro. My costs to host the event at Ciociaro is $20 per person, like a rental fee based on participants then a set fee. I seperated it in the registration process because we are trying to be open and explain where every dollar is going.

  10. Dear Ciociaro Racing Forum,
    I see it is $90 for the entire series. Is it possible to pay for only single races if the other 2 fees are paid?

  11. I was going over the dates of the Ciociaro series and the three sixty series! They both have races schedule on the same nights??????????????????

  12. The fee structure is set up to encourage people to register for the entire series. We offer no break down for single race entries, sorry. Last I heard, talking to 360 is that they are changing their dates to match the Waterford series, which is opposite to the Ciociaro Series. If people want to send me questions I would be happy to answer unless Mr.Bike Sabbath doesn't mind me answering here.


  13. bikeSABBATH3/2/10, 5:26 PM

    Dylan, thanks for answering the questions. I was curious about the $20 fee and how it was separated for this possible reason: I'm not sure if some would be interested, but could a person technically use the $20 to sign up as a Ciociaro member (like in the earlier meetings) - this would still cover the user fee charge but perhaps give 'perks' to being a member, or is the Club not taking anymore members.

  14. 'perks' = free buffet??

  15. actually perks = pay for other teams entry fees or clothing or some combination of both

  16. just pay the $20 up you cheap bastards. The Ciociaro race series is back.

  17. A lot of people have put a ton of time into the Ciociaro track being reopened. It is very insulting to be accused of taking your money so we don't have to pay or get free clothing. It is just completely untrue. But to answer Mr.bikeSABBATH's question I will attempt and am sorry for the delay in response to your question. I wanted to make sure I was answering it correctly and had to check out a few things.

    To be a Ciociaro member you must be able to show connection to the Ciociara region of Italy (family relative) and pay yearly memberships that are way over the $20.
    A group of people (a few actual real Ciociaro members) have organized themselves last year to run the series and your welcome to join that group (currently about 80) and attend the AGM to vote for the executive (9 members) that meet every couple weeks lately to put this thing together. It is not a formal cycling club (not a registered team, no team clothing, no training nights or epic rides). Some people joined just to support cycling and the re-opening of the track and have no plans of racing at all, some race on other teams. We do report directly to the Ciociaro club and are guided by their direction. It is actually a lot of work and time.
    We just met again on Thursday and I brought up the post by Mr. bikeSABBATH and we discussed the issue. Riders will be able to select if they would like to be a member of the Ciociaro Cycling Group when they pay their $20 track user fee. Therefore the perks of checking the box is that you will be invited to attend, speak on any concern, and be involved in the direction and future of the Ciociaro Cycling track at the AGM at the end of this year. You will be able to see the financial statements and where all the money is directed. You will see that everyone racing is paying the same fees and where the rest of the money is going. Or if you want nothing to do with the politics and Ciociaro Cycling Group don't check the box an you have absolutely no affiliation with the Ciociaro Cycling Group. Either way everyone has to pay the $20 user fee and that $ is going to the Ciociaro Club as a fee to use the track on race nights. Remember they spent around $15 000 last year alone to repair a few sections of the track. If this model is successful may be they will repave the entire track for future generations. Lucas Lanspeary is already doing base miles.

    Hope this answers your questions and gives you something to talk about on your ride tomorrow. I will be participating (running) in the Spring Thaw and will not be there. My bike racing will be limited this year, as most of my focus will be promoting the O-Cup, Ciociaro Series, and my first running event Walk Run Roll 4 LaSalle. I do still plan to come out to a few of your rides to take some sprints, so watch out you never know when I will be there.

    Enjoy the weather, Dylan

  18. Nobody's getting rich in cycing so support your local races/clubs. They're putting in the effort so others can benefit.

  19. $15 000!! Seems to me they could've left a little for the free buffet. All ungratefulness aside, thanks for the time and effort Dylan and all.

  20. Dylan... We know how much effort that its taken to get that track back into the hands of the cycling community... and its a gem to have it back... thanks to you and to the executive for putting in the time and effort... know that its appreciated greatly by many... looking forward to the free buffet... can I request crab...???

  21. Crab, great idea! I think WRCS needs to be providing a seafood buffet each week. When is the AGM again?

  22. I can't wait for Athletica Fashionista !


  23. bikeSABBATH3/7/10, 9:54 AM

    Dylan, thanks for the response. I thought the Club would interested in allowing people to sign-up as a cycling member with the $20 because the impression I got is that they were very keen in having a large membership to demonstrate to the Ciociaro Club as a whole the interest and need in supporting cycling. Clearly the 80 people already registered is a good way to go. Personally, I would prefer to be given the choice to sign-up and at least have the option to attend meetings, etc.

    Again to restate it, the pricing for the race series is really good. Having the chance to participate in a 10 race series at approx. $110 is almost unheard of.

  24. April 15th... I can't wait to see the shit show that's going to happen that day. It's going to be awesome...

    On a side note... The rumor is, Off Thursdays will have speed training at the track. Any chance of a unified Windsor Training day? Ciclosport/Jetfuel/Black Sabbath/Z-team/whoever...?