This will become a classic. How could it not? A posed challenge with a great atmosphere. One day you will tell your grandkids about the Alpe.

25 participants showed up to contest this course and 25 people finished it. No DNF's, but a lot of personal suffering on many levels.

Have YOU ever hurt so bad that an ambulance had to be called, vitals checked, then the EMS sent away so that you could revel in the days accomplishment over a post-race wheat soda? No? Then let next years Alpe edition help you reach a new level of fortitude.

If you answered yes then feel free to skip next years event, unless that sort of thing sounded appealing.

Here are the winning times:

2-Person Relay [50 laps]: 2 hrs. 9 min.
Solo [50 laps]: 2 hrs. 10 min.
Mini [25 laps]: 1 hr. 16 min.

A big congratulations to the English and Asian duo of Team Crumpets and Rice for establishing a tough course record that will be difficult to match. Thanks to the Bike The Bruce crew for a great event and Andy J. for keeping lots of the riders well fed.

Full results and pics will posted soon over at Bike The Bruce. As well as results posted in Tuesdays Windsor Star.

* Note: No Rod's were seriously injured/hurt in the making of this years Alpe.


  1. Sweet picture MR. bikeSABBATH

  2. Great post ('bout time). thanks again to Andy for the feeds and the tire change.

  3. That's what he said.

    Anonymous-for obvious reasons

  4. Adam, I think based on your solo performance , you and your mother could beat the crumpets and rice course time. However don't rule out a return next year to improve that time. I have a feeling there will be more relay teams and less solos next year. Rumour is Rod is looking for a partner already.