7 + 1

A few items to round out the month.

While the masses wait for the results and photos to be loaded on the Bike The Bruce site, here are a couple that escaped.

You know what this event needs, more drinking. Libations should be complimentary for spectators. Served cold and quick before the 9am start, this would ensure a party. Lots of screaming, slightly blinded fans lining the climb, pushing and cheering on their favourite stars of sport. Yeah that sounds good. Somebody make it happen.

One half of the winning Crumpets and Rice team sent over a first attempt at video making utilizing a Go Pro Helmet Cam. It documents the struggle of an East Side Ride from the perspective of the antagonizer. Complete with a funky beat and graphics. This might become a staple on winter trainer rides [If taking on the Rice in a heads up stop sign sprint doesn't motivate, then probably numerous other things will].

So there it is. This months post quota was looking a little light with only seven, but man it looks good with a solid eight.

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