Road bike for the dirt.

Headed south for the day for warmer climes, food, and some cross riding.

A few spills and some extensive sand sections was a good way to kick off a season of cyclocross. The National Parks of Canada should really consider holding regular cross races across the country. Great scenery, maintained trails, and lots of people with cameras waiting to snap a pic.

After a morning spent riding some trails and literally crashing through a few kilometers of shrubs, it was taco time. The atmosphere is usually better then the food. On this day music videos were blasting throughout the dining room when this catchy tune came on. Listen and enjoy - its not a fire alarm.

This brief snippet does not do the entire three minute song justice. Gotta track it down for some upcoming spin classes.


  1. ha ha, sweet tune

  2. It was a good day. I really enjoyed the ride. even though I was bloodied by the end of it with a sore hip thrown in to boot.

    The song -- the song, I wanted to rip the TV off the wall and throw it through the window. Abviously, did not burn off enough anger during the ride in to hell. Nor did I have enough skin and flesh torn from my legs during our journy into no-track land. of course, I ask myself "Why do I follow Jamie?" Answer -- cause I must....

    Really -- it was fun. Adam, a must for upcoming bikeSABBATH rides.

  3. Check out the couple jamming to the tunes in the background!!!

    Ahhh a sweaty ride followed by some sweaty smelling tacos!

    Great day!

    Did you all get the same Chico pricing??

  4. You have to hide the money and ask what the cost is first. If you show the $20 bill it will always be more money than it should be.

  5. I found the song for all of you hahaha...... But the first copy go's to Jin Qui the Golden Turtle…..

  6. Jim G -- aka Jin Qui10/7/09, 12:12 PM

    Chico -- thanks so much. Glad you were thinking of me.

  7. Great video. I was not sure if Jim:
    A. Loved the food
    B. Hated the food
    C. Loved the music
    D. Hated the music
    E. Indifferent

  8. I know some cross quiters

    Number of riders who said they would be at Malden on Wednesday- 7

    Number of riders who actually showed up to ride cross- 1

    Math- 7-1= 6 Douche-bags

    The Butcher

  9. Dude, sorry.
    Forgot I had a golf banquet for my son. Pak was stuck in traffic. That makes 4 DBs. Sorry guys would have made an excuse for you too, but you would have had to call me ahead of time. I will tell you that Pak and I talked nothing but bikes when we were on the phone.

  10. I never said I was going to be there. That makes 3 D-Bags.
    PS Butcher just let cycling die, she's had a good season.

  11. i said on monday that i had to work. that makes it 2 DBs


  12. It's starting to look like one douche bag and he showed up.

  13. I don't remember if I said I was gong or not. but it looks like the D on my car doesn't mean Deutschland but DoucheBag

  14. but we will all be there friday night...PROMISE...see you there butch!

  15. Butcher,
    I was there at 5:40pm at Malden

    Mike & Dana were there but i missed them

    But in hindsight i'm sure i douche bag you at some other time.

    We will take another DB count next week.