Round and Round

87 riders turned out for this years 8 Creekin' Hours hosted by the Rockets. Bet you didn't know there was mountain biking in Wheatley?

Competing in either an 8 hour solo, 2-person, 4-person relay, or 4 hour solo, riders contested a 9.1 km course to turn-out as many laps as possible over 480+ minutes.

Great atmosphere, grass-roots, and a well run event are just a few of the highlights, and whether you are a novice or seasoned racer, there is plenty of appeal for everyone.

Met lots of great people out on the trails and swapped some good stories. Did you know that Chatham has a road cycling scene? Apparently if you show up @ Smiths Cycles @ 6:30 pm on a Tuesday you can tag along on a group ride. Crazy.

Full results can be found here.

Other Notes:

There is another hot new local cycling site out there, Tomato Velo. Sure the post(s) are minimal, but wait for it, once it gets rolling it will be a must read. Did anyone know that there is a cycling scene in Leamington? Well judging by Tomato Velo at least 5 guys form the scene.

Founder and proprietor, Stew, will have plenty to type about after his successful assault on the Alpe d'Windsor - word is that the cotton tee will be the hot set-up for the climbing epic.


  1. Thanks again to the McClounie Clan for all the support and cheering!!! Grace thanks for the cracker!
    And of course Kimmie and Chico!

    Adam great ride and awesome finish!

    Yes it hurt as much as it looks!

    was anonymous out???!

  2. A good day to go round and round. A great ride by Adam and Pac and they crushed the course.

    Chico was on track for a good finish but met a tree - the tree won. I am hoping he has a quick recovery to ride another day.

    I loved the family and friend fan support -thanks!

  3. Congrats all. Mr bikeSABBATH very impressive defense of your win last year with another.

  4. JimD (two creeks trail crew)9/17/09, 12:33 PM

    Just doing 8 hours solo on a hardtail should get an award. Thanks to all that came out and made it a great day.

  5. Hans Sprungfeld9/17/09, 10:21 PM

    You guys can't get through a pathetic Essex County 8hr MTB race without some man on man action?

    Get a chick to do the massage stuff or HTFU already. Sheesh!

  6. Hans

    You and me at the bike racks 3pm!


  7. I'll punch you both in the nose!

    Sincerely the BikeRack