Cycling Is Dead

The plan was simple. Hit the park and get some training in for the upcoming Alpe, But, too many distractions cut things short.

Here are a few things that were far better then cycling.

1. A cowboy wedding. Seriously.
2. Soap box derby racing.
3. Tracking down sweet tee's.

Well, cycling might not be dead but it is definitely on life support, at least until the CFO's year end blowout, and a dirty thanksgiving day mountain bike ride, and a 40 km time trial, and a pinckney ride, and....

Other Notes.

After years of inactivity the Maple Leaf Cycling Club has a web site that is up and running. New members are always welcome and their indoor strength training sessions start-up at the end of the month.


  1. At the cowboy wedding...no suits,ties or formal dresses required.
    However, Women DAISY DUKES are highly encouraged!!!

  2. You just made Va-John-a's day. He was wondering what kind of shoes to wear with his daisy dukes.

    The Butcher

  3. One of the season's best days (riding, sight seeing and refreshments)