The Big Come Up pt.II

Big weekend approaching followed by some more solid events throughout the month. As a local rider/racer you can't help but catch the fever every year at this time.

Here is just a sampling of things on tap, without even mentioning the start of cyclocross season.

Sept. 03.09 Three-Sixty Race @ Malden Park
Sept. 05.09 Trophee des Grimpeurs
Spet. 06.09 Tour di Via Italia Criterium [Erie Street]
Sept. 07.09 Annual Debaets-Devos Pro-Am Criterium
Sept. 13.09 8 Creekin' Hours
Sept. 17.09 Three-Sixty Race @ Little River
Sept. 26.09 Rediscover Your Bike @ Malden Park
Sept. 27.09 Alpe d'Windsor

Video No.1

A quick snipet of Erie Street 2006 when local Daniele DeFranceschi won.

Video No.2

How long can a few quick shots taken on a digital camera be stretched out to compose a movie? This vid attempts to answer that question.

After labour day it might be all about the mountain bike.

Video No.2 features the music of The Black Keys. They have an earlier album called The Big Come Up- recommended dirty rock.


  1. Get your mtb to the shop for a tune up, it's time to get dirty!
    The Butcher

  2. Can't wait to ride my MTB...... Looks like you are all having fun as always great too hear.... For me I have been MTB'ing at 2300mt's what a blast... see you all Thursday.

  3. Hans Sprungfeld8/31/09, 9:22 PM

    You left off two long running Michigan MTB races:

    Sept 13.09 Addison Oaks Fall Classic XC race
    Sept 27.09 Pando - XC MMBA Series finals

    You're welcome.

  4. if you play both vids at once the black keys make wonderful background music to DeFran's win...isn't there a rule about sliding into first though??

  5. Good idea Butcher! Can you suggest a great bike shop who offers fast friendly service at a great price?!?

  6. I know a place, it's on county road 42 across from the airport- Max Edge. Just ask for Jme or Mike.

    The Butcher