Dirty Bird

Some good local mountain bike and road events on the horizon, so lots of practice is needed.

Pic No.1

Making the transition to the full lycra costume is difficult for many, but once embraced it really is tough to go back. It is good though to keep it real every now and then and rock the cotton. In fact it looks as though The Butcher has a nice cooling system dialed in for warm days.

> Beard induces sweat
> Sweat drips onto cotton tee
> Cotton tee desperately clings to the moisture = cooling effect on body
> Suck moisture out of tee to quench thirst
> Repeat process

You know, like the water cycle. Thats science.

Pic No.2

Unbeknownst to the group there was a prize awaiting them at the end of the ride. Dirtiest rider got the dirty bird. However, if it was known that wings from Smoke & Spice were on the line then most probably would have laid it down at any given chance.

Cotton tee would've made for a great built-in napkin for saucy wings.


  1. The Butcher8/27/09, 9:25 AM

    Nothing breathes like cotton

  2. GECDSB Teacher8/27/09, 10:27 AM

    Not only is this site entertaining but the links provide wonderful learning opportunities. A+ BikeSabbath

  3. Adam, just have to tell you the bikesabbath logo of the skull is totally awesome. That has to be the mainstay of our team jersy someday.

  4. The wings were great!! the broken rib on a fall for getting the dirtiest not so great. The trees seem to pop out of nowhere.


  5. Did you actually break your rib?

  6. Ya thought it was bruise, but it turned out to be a small break. How are you i heard about your knee and elbow


  7. That sucks! Guess I should have brought Smoke & Spice Ribs instead! I got some stiches but nothing broken, I'm off the MTB for a while though.

  8. I was riding with Jamie on Thursday and he said to rely, that we rode a Classic Horse shoe. After he explained it I realized we weren't stopping for a fun game of horseshoes. JLo MTB'ing won't be the same.

  9. Never fall for the horseshoe, extreme weather generally awaits. JLo will be mtb'ing soon. September is looking to be a big month in the dirt.

  10. Always entertaining blogs here. Hope to see some Max Edge jerseys at 8 Creekin Hours and read a blog about it afterwards.