Only a few more Monday Night Worlds left this season.

Riding, mini-pitchers, and endless riblets will be missed. Nothing else really to say about that.

Other News...

Look for a grassroots cyclocross event taking place sometime this fall.
Date: TBA
Location: TBA
Sparse information, yes, but you can imagine how good it will be.

Tour di Via Italia prediction: Daniele DeFranceschi [Jet Fuel Cycling Team] repeats victory in the Pro I/II. Fresh off of 3 podiums at Track Nationals, he will be the one to beat.

Alpe d'Windsor prediction: 15 participants. Not that that is a bad thing.
Lots of hype but will anyone be digging on the premise? Don't overthink this one. Just sign-up, show-up, then go down-up [50 times].


  1. This looks great... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAFN0baVpfE

  2. Great vid. around four minutes on is great.

  3. bikeSABBATH9/6/09, 10:07 AM

    Quick Story:

    Riding the other evening with 2 others. Briefly followed by a vehicle which then passed and pulled into a parking lot. As we rode by the 'Kim Mitchell' look-a-like leaned out the window and asked "Hey, want to come to my house and party?". Cycling = sex appeal.

    Not sure if I prefer angry vehicle encounters, or cat calls from dudes trolling?

    Erie Street is in 7 hours.

  4. Dam, that's classic. Can't even imagine what the game plan was for that dude.