The Hurt

As of late any forays into the :off:road: have been relaxed and easy paced. That all changed when This Guy laid down lap after lap of quick and smooth routes.

Thanks for the hurt.

Do This Guy a favour, track him down and make him an offer on anyone of the bikes he has in his quiver - you'll be helping yourself and him out.

Not to be outdone, Mrs. bikeSABBATH got in on the action with some biking out in the wild west. Mountains? Endless singletrack? Picturesque views? Doesn't sound enjoyable at all, but maybe it makes the hurt more tolerable.

Photos: Tim Johnson


  1. Mountain biking is back! Went out last night took 2 big spills, the first a sweet endo on a down hill and the other a slow motion fall into a huge mud puddle. Ahhh the fun you miss out on when riding road. Have to go now a bike in my stable needs detailing.

  2. Mrs. bikeSABBATH looks great riding the trails. Perhaps a new mountain bike in the future?

  3. Is that a big Mtn Bike Smile on your face Mrs bikeSABBATH!!?

    New Bike!!