MNW Hyjinks

A united group looking to ride and be festive. In the end successful on both fronts.

The ride followed a guideline of short and intense. The intensity was derived from some impromptu team time trialling, which was merely a means to get back and get grilling.

Before the bash began a long overdue W.R.C.S. Awards Ceremony had to take place. The celebratory champagne flowed/binded and then it was time to eat. Food and atmosphere was good, but some highlights were the dessert meat and the sighting of a popped collar.

As glycogen levels were topped up it was only naturally to want to deplete them again with some feats of strength.

Up first was the tandem hot lap. Find a partner; co-pilot a lap; then switch up piloting duties and repeat. Fastest combined time wins. [Surprisingly this was not the activity in which someone was injured.]

Grand finale was the BMX hot lap. Some minors set the early standards. Others took-up the challenge, and in the end the Chilean showed off a great performance consisting of pedal, pedal, crash.

Rest assured the 27 sec. tandem hot lap will be bested next time.


  1. After reading the posting and viewing the pictures, my only comment is "Good God!"

  2. Great Memories!!!
    Great Food and Friends!!!
    Dumb (dead) Dog Story?

  3. I heard about the multiple lives of Dogs, I did not now that...

  4. Team Time Trial was sort of a bust but the BBQ was awesome. Trevor I cannot believe you stuffed your face before some people even cracked a beverage.

    tandem hot laps,
    dead dumb dog
    and killing 2 travelers as a night cap with the Butcher on the ride home.

    As a side note Sean K was spotted crushing a 110+km ride on Canada Day! He probably will not be seen again until the fall.

  5. Story of the night dumb dead dog leave it to Chico... and fantastic celebration with the GODS of MILLER beer. Thanks Adam…….

  6. Great night -- great food -- great friends -- what more can you ask for. can everyone pony up for some mantarea riding shoes, please.

    Chico, great crash dude -- reminded me of Erie street.

  7. Ya,I think I doubled my mileage for the year.

  8. Whats up for this Sunday ride?

  9. Sunday is @ 9 @ the shop