WRCS No.12

It was with a heavy heart that the group embarked on the final WRCS of the season. The riders were faced with 40+km/h winds on the way out and a washboard trail condition for a good portion of the route, a fine display of euro riding.

Congratulations to the top 3 finishers for a hard fought and tactical series, and to the Butcher for an incredible display of eye hand co-ordination in the feat of skills showdown. Thanks to all the riders who attended throughout the series in a variety of conditions - awards ceremony to be announced in the coming weeks.

Ride Time: 2:15
Riders: 16
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 7
Base Score: 18
Singlespeed Score: 28

Standings [12 of 12]

01_____422____11____Chris C________04
02_____413____10____Dante D
03_____394____12____Ian C_________03____Earned 1 Bonus Point
04_____393____12____Adam M_______01
05_____375____11____Pak H_________05
06_____356____10____Kris P
07_____338____10____John L_________01
08_____263____07____William M______01
09_____261____08____Jeff H
10_____253____07____Tony C_________01
11_____246____08____Jim G
12_____245____06____James K
13_____219____07____Manny G_______03
14_____200____06____Sue S
15_____156____05____Geoff O
16_____139____04____Dylan L
17_____138____04____Rob V
18_____124____04____Jeff C
19_____107____03____Ben A_________02
20_____107____03____Greg A
21______94____03____Sean K
22______88____03____Mark T
23______87____02____Stu A
24______82____02____Derek S
25______81____02____Paul E
26______66____02____Rob L
28______50____01____Todd S
29______49____02____Kim R
30______39____01____Daniele D
31______31____01____Mike A
32______18____01____Dino M
33______18____01____Nick D
34______18____01____Tom S
35______18____01____Wayne T

The tough conditions took its toll mentally and physically towards the end, one cyclist stated "look out for the car" while riding down the Greenway - in actuality it was a stick.


  1. The Butcher3/29/09, 5:41 PM

    Sweet job running the series and the blog Adam; everyone is fitter bec of you. Thanks to coach Chow for the advice on the egg race; I owe my victory to you. See everyone on the road this summer. P.S.- I hate the greenway!

  2. Not impressed with the 18 points issued, I think I did enough pleading to be issued a full 423 and along with it the title. I am boycotting the first 11 rides next year in protest.
    That being said thanks fellas I had a lot of fun.
    And Adam give the car instead of a branch guy a break...he was away from my nipple.

  3. Hey I want my name on that overall list so I can say I came out once and do to you overlooking me I want to be on top of the one time riders

  4. Thanks for the rides Adam. There's NO way I'd have been outside on Sundays without you!

  5. Sorry Wayne, points are adjusted and by alphabetical order you get to bring up the rear. Car/branch guy is definitely sitting on the couch right now with a glazed over look and an infant poking him in the face.

  6. I want to thank Adam for helping me to embrace the Mountain Bike again. Though my Mtb will not make another appearance until the 2010 WRCS. Great series tons of fun!
    PS I love the Greenway!

  7. Thanks for the great rides this winter. Sorry I missed the last few, but a recent injury side lined me. Thanks Adam for the organizing. And to the riders for teaching a rookie the fine art of "mastering the group ride".

  8. It was a great Series of winter riding!!! Thanks Adam for all the work organizing and maintaining the site!
    Congrats to the single speeders.
    See you all on the road!

  9. Awoke this morning to find a branch parked in my garage.

  10. That's funny son!
    Hopefully they get a contract sorted out so they can continue to manufacture branches in Windsor.

  11. Adam! thanks for the WRCS. I always have good times when I ride with you guys. That was the best tie breaker ideal I've ever seen. Yeah Sean likes the wood! And PS I Love the GreenWay.
    Car up!

  12. Great WRCS Adam lots of fun and kicked ass!!! Can’t wait for next year. By the way I love the green way when will we start the Tony Taco ride..

  13. Awesome job organizing the WRCS Adam. Thanks to the guys helping me through the stupid green way, there's to many to name; it was much appreciated. And that branch, it was pretty big; easily mistaken for a wood-paneled car.