With a previous '09 standard set for the Chatham...or bust ride, the group headed out to better their stats. Nicely done.

Apologies to The Butcher for the less then flattering photo.

Photos: Inferno

The Breakdown
Distance: 131 km
Ride Time: 4:01
Avg. Speed: 31.2 km/h

A little motivation for the upcoming finale of the WRCS which is set to tackle the 'strade bianche' of the Greenway.

Montepaschi Eroica - Behind the Scenes with GARMIN Slipstream from Media One Multimedia on Vimeo.

REMEMBER: The WRCS is leaving at 10 am instead of 11. Seriously, no grief for saying you didn't know about the time change.


  1. Apparently the goal next time is 3:45

  2. When did you do that ride?

    I like the bit on the Garmin video when he is moving up for the bike change. That's why you need a vehicle history report, so that you don't buy an ex-team vehicle.Although the stains from the blood bags would be a give away.

  3. We did the ride this past saturday. If you want in on the next one, it will be posted.

  4. Wondering what route you take for the Chatham ride?

  5. bikeSABBATH4/1/09, 8:30 PM

    The Chatham is roughly as follows (slight variations depending): from Second Cup it is Tecumseh Rd. to Puce, No.2 Hwy to BelleRiver, back on Tecmseh Rd. through Stoney Point, Tecumseh Rd. turns into Tecumseh Line around Tilbury/Jeanettes Creek, Tecumseh Line turns into River View Line which follows the Thames River and that takes you to Keil Dr. in Chatham with a Tim Horton's on the corner (shocking I know).