WRCS No.11

A weekend without the Winter Ride Challenge Series was tough to take [an official WRCS, not the rogue ride that happened in its place]. But, things were back on track and feeling right on this Sunday.

The group was feeling very social and a friendly pace was the order of the day [with a slight leg burner through a few fast laps of the rus-woods crit to finish of the ride].

Ride Time: 2:10
Riders: 13
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 7
Base Score: 18
Singlespeed Score: 28

Standings [11 of 12]

01_____394____10____Chris C________04
02_____385____09____Dante D
03_____375____11____Adam M_______01
04_____375____11____Ian C_________03
05_____375____11____Pak H_________05
06_____338____09____Kris P
07_____320____09____John L_________01
08_____263____07____William M______01
09_____253____07____Tony C_________01
10_____245____06____James K
11_____243____07____Jeff H
12_____228____07____Jim G
13_____219____07____Manny G_______03
14_____200____06____Sue S
15_____139____04____Dylan L
16_____138____04____Geoff O
17_____120____03____Rob V
18_____107____03____Ben A_________02
19_____107____03____Greg A
20_____106____03____Jeff C
21______87____02____Stu A
22______82____02____Derek S
23______81____02____Paul E
24______76____02____Sean K
25______70____02____Mark T
26______66____02____Rob L
28______50____01____Todd S
29______49____02____Kim R
30______39____01____Daniele D
31______31____01____Mike A

In WRCS News...

Next Sunday is the final ride of the WRCS and there are a few important changes to note:
1. The ride will leave @ 10 am instead of 11 from Cafe Mondos.
2. Before the weather breaks and road riding is the 'hot set-up', WRCS No.12 will be a Greenway bonanza - All Greenway all the time.


  1. Sweet ride. Will the ride next Sunday possibly make it as far as Shooter's. A beverage midway would be a nice way to wrap up the series!! Just one drunk's thoughts, bringing back the summer time liver.

  2. Just to note, there are rides already at cafe mondos 10:00 am. So there isn't any confusion, do want to keep it seperate or combine them.

  3. Does Ian score crash points for his adventure into the ditch yesterday??

  4. Have to agree with JLo, stopping for drinks would be the proper thing to do

  5. Sean, thought about the double 10 am departure, but I think a group of guys on mtb/cross bikes heading to Harrow for a drink might be a nice juxtaposition against the roadies doing the swamp loop. Also, once in Harrow there will be a small feat of skill to determine the outright 3rd place for the WRCS.

  6. feat of skill...hmmm..I hope it doesn't involve a circle and your left hand...

  7. or maybe arrows and fire

  8. The Butcher on a pole -- OMG, sneds shivers down the spine -- that might scare buzzards off a meat wagon. no offense

  9. Looking forward to Sunday's training on the GreenWay. Can I say an epic day?