The Death of a Vintage Italian Velo

The loss of a bike is difficult and rare. A loss through theft is enraging. A loss through breaking can be soulcrushing.

Below is the heartache felt from a broken velo.

"Sunday June 21, 2009. Father's Day. Relaxed pace group ride from South Windsor to Pointe aux Roches. The death knell tolled. The bike that began it all for one father and his family, has sadly passed from this earthly existence to bike nirvana. After 20 plus years of dedication, The Colnago has crossed it's last set of sketchy railroad tracks. Viewing will be open house, held all day in Dante's garage. Vigil to follow after the MNW group ride. Scavenging of parts and enshrining will take place shortly thereafter."

A short film documents the Colnago's final de-tune-up.


  1. Don't be upset, 20+ years is a long full life. Imagine a life of only 4 weeks!