Where You At?

Always lots of options on the weekends for riding. This past weekend provided plenty of options for racing.

Hitting the dirt in Paris to Ancaster or Yankee Springs Mtb TT? Roll the pavement in Calabogie or the Ann Arbor STS No.3? Decisions, Decisions. Locals were spread out across Ontario and Michigan so post a comment and share an experience about your adventure.

photos: SmugMug & bikeSABBATH

And if you weren't racing somewhere then hopefully you were riding - and if that didn't happen then, well, that just sucks.


  1. Looks like ATM's finally rockin' a new whip...

  2. Myself,Paul and Daniele went to Kensington on Saturday morning. Seemed like a good idea when I suggested it earlier in the week. I was unaware my wife had made plans for us Friday night...anyway three hours of sleep later the alarm is going off and I go to pick up P and D. The riding was good except Daniele had his tubulars on and got a flat outside of the park. He had the carbon rims so could not ride it in, so he took a hour and a half snooze at the side of the road while Paul and I rode back to the car and then drove back to get him.
    Then add in the construction over there, we took a nice detour down 8 mile(we didn't see any of mom's spaghetti), bottom line , left the house at 7:30am arrived home at 4pm.
    So the warning if you are going to Kensington or planning on doing the race there in May you had better leave some extra travel time.

  3. I did not want to race this weekend...so I went as a Cheerleader to the Yankee Springs MTB TT.
    Kim fininshed 7th and Sue took 3rd...

    looks like everyone had good weekend of riding & racing!!!

  4. Myself along with Dante, Kris and Ian went up to represent Max Edge at Paris to Ancaster, Ben and Rob V were also there. It was a great day for racing except for the 35km/h head wind. If you've never done this race it's a ton of fun; road, rail trail, single track and grassy farmers fields, oh yeah there's a little bit of mud also. Dante braved the course on his single speed while the rest of us opted for cross bikes. Adam please update my crash total I had an perfect 10 endo going down the Power Line Mud Slide.

  5. First time doing the P2A. It was an awesome time, too many hills though and the wind was crazy fast. I did not realize the mud slides would be that fun except for that big log that knocked me into the side wall and bending in my right side brakehood. Definitely would do it again

  6. The Butcher4/20/09, 4:08 PM

    P2A was the shit. I had a blast and will be counting down the days to take another crack at the 60 km enduro course. Watch out next year P2A!

  7. wow sounds like you guy's had a good weekend Nick Daniele had a good friday ride with me ripping through essex he clipped a mirror on a truck then 100m later ate the ground trashing his rear wheel canadian tire was close so one spoke wrench and we were on our way. Sat night went to boogie fever if you have been there and you know me I was in heaven dancd all night got home 4:30 up at 8 to ride from mondos 2km in Paul flats I ask the group to wait Daniele says we will pace him back up I should have stuck with the group as it was on fo the next 94km. God it sucks when you are out of shape

  8. I also was along for the enjoyment they call Paris to Ancaster... though with the hills and the wind I did more backwards riding practice than I had intended to do. Still, great scenery, great people, great mud and great times!

  9. Spring's here so lots of riding to do.

    Was at P2A also. This time was my third go around. Love this race and look forward to it.

    Rode with Dante for a bit about 40k in. Saw Chris there also. Then in the open roads suffered badly with the headwind on my MTB while cross guys where pushing through and I couldn't keep up with my fat tires.

    Got down the power mud slide through no problem. Did see somebody do an endo near the bottom in the middle. Jlo maybe?

    Up the final climb looked to be in good shape. Legs are burning though. Then just before a steep but doable little up and over, somebody ahead a the line can't make it up and I get forced off to the side and dismount. BIG mistake. Yeah you know what happened next. Thigh cramps from hell. Lost probably 2 minutes there and lots of spaces until I could muster the strength to finish.

    I need a cross bike badly! Anybody have one for sale, I'm looking.

  10. I did my secret KGB training this weekend. That is all I can say for now.

  11. Chow - on the Polish John training program I see. Can't wait to randomly run into in the county at some obscure date and time.

  12. We saw him twice on the same ride last night in two totally different places. The polish must build some GPS rider tracking system. He passed us by and gave us a look and then appeared half an hour later in a different group 20k up the road. He either knows every back road in the county or can ride at 60km/h when no one is looking.