Pick Up

Time passes. Get on a bike. Go for a ride. Reconnecting with people on a bike always seems so easy.

Always helps when the weather is favourable.

Caption No.1
Was a true reflection of the ride - with a musical reference.

Caption No.2
At shot at humor for a small sect that know its origin. To know Scojo is to truely know how profound that statement really is - also a musical reference.


  1. Ahh Scottie J. We'll always have the P.H.P. bedroom!

  2. .... looks like Tom Cruise, but no it is Scottie J in the Maple Leaf threads

    This begs a few questions - what does TC and SJ have in common?

    - Scientology?
    - Share the same musical reference?
    - Both have had Mission Impossible and sequels with varying success?
    - A spend thrift (please note that this is not a question)