Its coming. The good stuff. Sun and heat. No doubt though followed by a few more days of cold, but until then, the next chunk of good weather is just around the corner.

In the meantime, trying to cope with the bad stuff [rain/cold]. A few members of the Maple Leaf Cycling Club were out doing a hill interval session at Malden [monotonous = yes, payoff = big]. Good to see others coping.

Looking for racing plans this weekend? Check out the final Quick Release Spring Training Series in Ann Arbor on Sunday. Afterwards is a small party [meaning free food/drink] to celebrate race organizer Paul Alman and his 25 years of running these early season events.

Tidbit: The Godfather of Michigan cycling, Dybo, has participated in all 25 years of the STS.

Below is a brief rundown on the Amstel Gold Race in a series of 'How the Race was Won' [initial thoughts were that these were lame, but they have a quirky charm].

How the Race Was Won - 2009 Amstel Gold Video Analysis from Cosmo Catalano on Vimeo.


  1. We were out tonight, we saw a group of about 16 , then the Normandy group must of had 25 in it. We had eight of us, what the hell is going on cycling is having a comeback in Windsor. I guess if your either unemployed or losing all your money in the market you may as well ride your bike and focus on some other form of pain.
    I made sure I gave the finger and called everyone a jit that we rode by, that's just how I roll.

  2. The Butcher4/24/09, 7:27 PM

    April 24th, 2009- The first ride I had to take a cold shower after. Ah, although it is not here to stay it was awesome.

  3. Butcher you really should proof read your posts. I think you meant to say
    "April 24th, 2009- The first shower I ever took. Ah although it is not here to stay but the feeling of being clean was awesome."

    You stinky B*%$^!!!

  4. 40% of the time, it rains everytime. Got caught in the rain several times despite a 40% chance of precip. given by the weathernetwork, passed a few riders I didn't know and chalked it up to the Lance/Nick-effect in the local boom of riders.

    Anybody make it over to the final Spring Race?

  5. I prefer Nick/Lance effect but we thank you anyway.