Points were scant due to some great weather, but at least it motivated a surprise guest to finally grace us with his presence. The chess game has begun as more single speeds emerge in an attempt to climb the leaders board. This east end route continues to be a favourite among the riders.

Remember that ride No.6 is worth double points and that a single speed conversion kit is a small investment for WRCS greatness. Congratulations to Sue for taking a commanding lead in the womens category [JLo is a distant second].

Ride Time: 1:50
Riders: 19
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -1
Base Score: 26
Singlespeed Score: 36

Standings [5 of 12]

01_____185____05____James K
02_____175____05____Adam M_______01
03_____175____05____Chris C________04
04_____175____05____Ian C
05_____175____05____Pak H_________02
06_____166____04____Dante D
07_____146____04____William M
08_____146____04____John L
09_____135____04____Kris P
10_____103____03____Jim G
11_____95_____03____Manny G_______01
12_____69_____02____Dylan L
13_____69_____02____Jeff H
14_____69_____02____Tony C
15_____66_____02____Rob L
16_____43_____01____Derek S
17_____26_____01____Ben A
18_____26_____01____Greg A
19_____26_____01____Jeff C
20_____26_____01____Sean K
21_____26_____01____Sue S
22_____01_____00____Stu A

Special thanks to James from Embrace The Bike for coming out.


  1. Awesome ride, great weather.I think next time we should stay out longer, lets say 3 to 4 hours.

  2. That was a great ride today, but I felt like a mac truck stuck in 1st gear. Chow you are the wind beneath my wings.

  3. It felt like the summer Sunday rides I love it. Great ride every one, ATM you killed it at the last long stretch.... way too give it.


  4. A sweet ride today - at least this week I made it to the living room floor to sit and eat plus watch the Super Bowl

  5. Whoever is posting as Sean K and pretending to be him, stop it...we all know Sean did not go riding today.

  6. Nice move Jme. Ian

  7. Believe it. SK was there. What is harder to believe is that he did not suck.

  8. That's because his boyfriend was protecting him from the elements.

  9. Jeff Hencher2/2/09, 6:11 PM

    No wonder Jeff was so fast... I didn't see the wings yesterday.

  10. Point-To-Point2/2/09, 8:48 PM

    There have been many questions in regards to earning points for the WRCS, some in jest, others a serious attempt to gain an advantage. I received the following email, nothing is sacred:

    "Dear WRCS Point Anointer

    Since I will be in Fernie March 22 and possibly March 29 for the last WCRS ride, can I be an out of province participant and obtain my points?
    I will start for the café “Freshies” at 9:00 am MT and ride 2 to 3 hours and I may be lucky enough to pick up other Fernie winter riders. According to the web site of the Fernie Mountain Bike Club they have no winter rides and probably due to the 15 foot plus annual snow fall. Maybe I can start something!

    Please consider my request. If you are concerned about the reaction you will get from other WCRS riders, remember 'I am your Father'.

    William – a loyal WRCS rider"

    There is no way William will be awarded points.

  11. That's like asking your wife if you can have sex on a road trip.
    Deduct points for asking.

  12. WRCS Thanks for the wings I'm keeping them for the 09 season!! I'M BACK IN SADDLE AGAIN!!!!

  13. Happily Unmarried2/2/09, 11:27 PM

    So doing just 5 kms is good enough for full points (Ian) but a 2-3 hour ride in 10 feet of snow by your own father isn't? I'm glad I'm not the point anointer; apparently the prerequisites for the job are hating your father and loving a bearded man in tights (Ian).
    On a side note, I can't imagine having to ask permission to have sex on a roadtrip.
    A final side note, welcome back, Chow. Favre thinks you made the right move.

  14. Smarten up Chow!

  15. I think anyone lying about their retirement should be deducted 100 points or removal of wings. Send a strong message.

  16. LookingForAnAdvantage2/3/09, 12:02 PM

    can you have someone ride in your place, as long as it is your bike?? can you ride while away if your ride is captured on video/webcam?? Why did EmbracetheBike James not get any points, did someone just double him?? If I infact do doubleride someone can I get double points??

  17. Wolf Mother2/3/09, 6:08 PM

    Arm bands, Wings you played us for fools Chow! Ever read your children the story of the boy who cried wolf! If not you may want to give it a quick glance, becareful the wolf may actually show up sooner than you think.

  18. bikeSABBATH2/3/09, 6:17 PM

    I am retiring from blogging......

  19. bikeSABBATH2/3/09, 6:18 PM

    ......no wait, I'm back.

  20. Ahhhh Shit! I just finished making up more arm bands, this time for "bikeSABBATH". Dammit

  21. I am retiring from ripping on Chow..hmm, does this count as ripping on Chow................................................................I miss it already.

  22. I had no idea these rides where happening, but great to see it ! I started a new bike site for Windsor recently too, so if you ever want to post on it feel free to register and post. I've been trying to get cyclists from Windsor to go on there and share their thoughts and views.


  23. Wow I feel so loved.. See you guys at Ride No.7. Taloola Cafe.