Riding with a camera can appear as a cumbersome and idiotic thing to do. And it can be. But, some really good pics have been captured which would otherwise be difficult to explain.

In the limited time that taking pictures and cycling have been combined for the sole purpose of this site, a few notables have arisen.

The important thing is that the above photos have not been doctored or altered. The pic on the left was taken during a cool fall ride (hence the moisture in the air), at a brisk pace (tired/glazed over look), and with a message on a utilites box that only revealed itself in the flash of the camera (county kids expressing their hobbies).

The pic on the right is nothing more than a grown man dressed in a gorilla suit, traipsing through the woods being shown some love by a curious cyclist [it would be nice to believe that the ewoke was more puzzled by the lycra clad clan it encountered, but more realistically it was the other way around].

In other news...

Embrace The Bike posted a story about bikeSABBATH's Winter Ride Challenge Series - be sure to check it out. The story was also picked up by a new local site entitled Bike Windsor.


  1. The Black Ninja2/4/09, 9:25 PM

    That was a great 'trip' down the Green Way. For some reason I don't remember it all that well.

  2. Was it the beer or the enhancement pill.. Oh ya I took the enhancement pill.

  3. No difference between cyclists and rockstars, though cyclists get more chicks.

  4. So in the WRCS 'no rider left behind' ride this Sunday the ride gets blown up and the organizer of the series gets left behind. Possibly not the best move gentlemen. Lets see how the points shake down.

  5. From what I gather the organizer stayed behind out of courtesy , I think the organizer has the engine to go where he wants.

  6. I don't think the organizer stayed behind simply out of courtesy. See the post about the ride.