Best conditions to date: warm-ish temps, low winds, good turnout, and double the points. Stretched out the route, but still finished in the same time as WRCS No.3. The single speed conversion continues to be on the rise.

If you haven't heard yet, come the summer months a 'Gentlemens Race' will be commencing to honour/recreate/settle the 'Anger Ride' of 2008 [find out details and choose a team]. It will not be long before a 'Gentlemens Race' is organized in the vein of the 'WRCS/Anger Rides'.

cross bike + fitness = increased speed
cross bike + no fitness = comfortable means of finishing a ride
mountain bike + fitness = less speed = group ride = socializing

Ride Time: 2:05
Riders: 21
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 0
Base Score: 25 [Doubled] = 50
Singlespeed Score: 50 + Bonus = 60

Standings [6 of 12]

01_____245____06____James K
02_____235____06____Chris C________04
03_____226____05____Dante D
04_____225____06____Adam M_______01
05_____225____06____Ian C
06_____225____06____Pak H_________02
07_____196____05____William M
08_____196____05____John L
09_____196____05____Kris P
10_____153____04____Jim G
11_____119____03____Jeff H
12_____119____03____Tony C
13______95____03____Manny G_______01
14______76____02____Ben A
15______76____02____Greg A
16______76____02____Sean K
17______76____02____Sue S
18______69____02____Dylan L
19______66____02____Rob L
20______51____01____Stu A
21______50____01____Todd S
23______50____01____Paul E
24______50____01____Rob V
25______43____01____Derek S
26______36____01____Jeff C [Earned Social Points]


  1. I had a great ride riding with Ian, William, Tony and Adam.

  2. Crossbike + Fitness=Increased speed+ Large Ego=
    Riding alone
    Luckly it was a great day

  3. I sorry i missed the socializing....

  4. Things are awefully low key on the blog. I know how Chris felt in Chatham now. Ian

  5. some swagger got bigger and some disappeared.

  6. what does this swager comment mean?

  7. How did Jim G score 82 points this week?

  8. Since I wasn't on the ride I may not be qualified to comment but I know there is some hard decisions to make when things get going on "training rides". As much as we all like to think it would be great to go out for a nice social cruise, egos will always prevail. And I don't mean that in a critical way it is just logical that if you bust your ass training your going to bust your ass to compete and stay with the pace. If your motivated enough to ride in cold weather then you are probably a competitive person. If you choose to stick with chilling out or don't have the strength to hang then you must except that and try again next time.
    Now there is some on this blog that would think I am being a hypocrite because of my famous "Arner explosion" a few winters ago, but that was after I did what I had to do to get back in the mix.
    I guess my point is, once the calendar turns Feb. and the temps go up expect egos to rule on rides. I don't know one single decent rider who didn't pay their dues by getting tuned up a few times. It's part of the process, embrace it, enjoy the body buzz from your next bonk and hammer back a bowl of frosted flakes when you get home.
    I would be interested to hear a few more details and peoples takes on what went down.

  9. I think the key to fitness is consistency, it is important to ride within your ability and you will continue to improve. It is hard to say what everyone's motivation is to ride, but for someone like myself, I use it as base for the racing season. For the most part it is fairly civilized and I think Adam has done a great job in keeping it under control. I think this is definitely a sport with some wide egos, but as long as you understand where your goals lie, you shouldn't have a problem with enjoying the ride.

  10. I Think we should respect what the organizer intended. If not you should ride with another group. This was a means to get out in the winter and enjoy cycling, not go balls deep and lose people.

  11. If that is the intent of the rides then yes I agree, I guess as a group you have to define that and try to avoid running into other groups who have different motives.

  12. Can I bring out the Fixed Gear bike on Sunday?

  13. If people's ego are hurt because they couldn't keep up with a select few (who in fact were handicapped by utilizing only one speed); get over it. A woman on a mountain bike was able to keep up with a smile on her face.
    Let's all grow up, move on, and ride.

  14. female or male I don't think it matters on a ride like this. I don't think she would like to be referred as THAT woman on a mountain bike.

  15. I hope to go on this Sundays ride, but I'm not one for speed. I'm all for riding though and don't mind any weather that comes my way. I ride as my means of transportation. I know with my winter tires on my 14 year old mountain bike I will have to work a bit harder but I'm still up for the workout. I'm trying to get more fit so I can start running this year. Cycling has always been my preferred method of trying to keep my heart and body in shape. I'm still a bit sluggish, but far from giving up. So see you on Sunday.

  16. Slim Jim aka JinGui2/9/09, 6:11 PM

    I think the point thing is new math. Card laid is a card played.

    Hey, Sunday was a great ride -- all egos aside.

  17. I got dropped but it wasn't due to fitness. I rode a singlespeed winter bike. It's wasn't fun spinning 150 RPM and chasing the race leaders. In the WRCS (US version) this doesn't happen because no one passes the ride leader.

  18. I hope all this DRAMA doesn't affect the point breakdown and all should promise not to pass the Ride leader.

  19. Rest assured no egos were damaged during the ride. But when you show up to a loosely 'organized' ride with guidelines, you should either adhere to them, or choose another ride. Simple physics would dictate that a cross bike with a substantial gear is going to be plenty quick and require less energy then a mountain bike.

    The growing up that anonymous is referring to would best fall under respecting everyone on the ride and its intent.
    The moving on that anonymous is also referring to is not going to happen - ignore the issue and the WRCS is going to be killed by 'the select few' who will discourage others to come out and ride in less than favourable conditions in a social atmosphere (which is the intent).
    The ride that anonymous is referring to should occur in the proper context; you want a work out in this social setting, put a single on your mountain bike.

    Jim sorry about the points mix up, JLo ratted you out.
    Todd sorry for not including your name in the points, and sorry for less than ideal experience at your first WRCS, give it another chance.

    See you guys on Sunday.

  20. speaking of egos, I hope ?????? doesn't show up again on sunday and put him/herself out of reach of me and my inconsistant attendence.

  21. women + mountain bike + fitness = smile

  22. No problem on the points, Adam. The border tolls make the trip to Windsor a quite pricey. That's all the more reason to make sure we can bike across the new bridge (DRIC) in the future.

  23. What is this gentleman's race you speek of. How many are needed on a team. Is this the ride to Chatham and back. Is there date for this event yet.

  24. I didn't know gentleman and race went together.

    " You attack "
    "No please you attack first , I insist"
    "If I do attack will you let me go"
    "Of course, I will stay back here and exchange pleasantries with the other gentlemen, and the lady on the mountain bike, I'm sorry did I say lady"