Close Encounter

Push your body hard enough in any endurance activity and you are liable to start seeing things. Energy starved bodies can produce some wild hallucinations - but considering that this sighting only occurred a mere ten minutes into a ride, then one can only summize that what lurks in the woods is all too real.

It should be noted that the rider pictured above ran away from the Wookie before being dealt a friendly wave/karate chop. The rest of the ride was incident free.


  1. Looks familiar,

  2. The header on the bike sabbath web site looks like the first sighting of the yetti. Jme is unimpressed with the large pile of yetti dung Mike, Kris and I are examing when over his right shoulder Sean hears something that cannot be explained (it seems to have freightened him).

  3. It is true I have been frightened back into the den, but I will emerge soon.

  4. Sean "you guys hear that?"
    Butcher "quit your whining Sean and help us lift him"
    Kris "Oh man, I think he's still moving"
    Mike "yup, still moving"
    Jaime "amateurs, its only a death rattle"

  5. Shaolin Master1/28/09, 8:59 PM

    Next time this create crosses my path it will feel the force of my Tiger Claw Style...HeeYah

  6. What's going on, there is some wierd F%#*ed Up stuff going down in some of these posts. I don't understand....

  7. i'm sure it is already on your racing schedule but just in case...